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So yes. Hi to this site. So I've only just discovered that DPD is what I think I have. For a span of a year or two I was thinking I was borderline. but a therapist told me that it's impossible to be aware that you have that. Has anyone heard of depersonalization being so chronic that it just never ends? I just don't really remember a point of not having it. but i can say that it's just gotten worse over the years. like everything is in super slow motion. i've gotten very fearful of driving. i never really liked it much..but i feel like i'm going to get into an accident. i work at a pet shop and i have two ferrets and a fishtank with minnows in it. but looking back on it, i've realized i've gotten these animals in hopes of filling this void that i'm in. deep down i know i am/the world is real, but i'm so far from it and all i can think of is my death. i know i shouldn't kill myself over this. so don't send me a billion emails saying "don't do it" i'm not looking for all that drama. reading online about treatment plans isn't looking very hopeful. i'm very against any mixture of meds. i feel very scattered. very numb. like i'm drunk all the time. i'm not exactly sure what i am asking in this forum. i guess i just wanted to tell anybody who would listen and not think i was just lazy or fine. cuz i'm obviously not. and i'm sick of my parents yelling at me to do something with my massage therapy schooling i finished last november. and i'm sick of my friend not taking me seriously. and i'm awfully sick of working so much. and i'm not sure how all this started, but i had a pretty messed up maybe that was it. it's all just very lame and nothing matters. i just feel like a pebble thrown into a pond.but without the ripples. just sinking to the bottom.

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Welcome to this world. People here know exactly what you are saying and are just as frustrated with the rest of the world for having so little understanding of it.

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well thank you so much for the, "welcome to the group." It's kinda nice when people can understand the situation when you stop waking up every day. haha