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Do any of you have really bizarre dreams? I notice every one of the dreams I have are extremely intense and usually violent in some way. Last night I was in this house that was falling apart with a group of people. There was something about the house or something in it wanting to kill us. This other girl and I were trying to keep quiet and not move around a lot so the house would notice the others before us. This man next to me somehow got butchered with a knife. Another part of the dream, I was at an airport. But there was a play going on as well. We had to throw in a pile all of our clothing except our underclothes. This lady was choosing people for the parts by the clothes we picked out of the pile. someone grabbed all of the clothes i was wearing so i ended up with one shirt that in actual life was really mine. she chose parts for 8 people and i wasn't one of them. my mom was at the airport and we were trying to find the exit where we parked the cars. she went another direction and i got stuck on all this little escalator trains(?) whatever those were.

the dream the other night involved the area where i live but everything was dirty in some way. all the lights were flickering. that one makes more sense to me though. cus that's sort of how i see things-weird or off in ways.

Re: Dreams

It has been noted that people with DPD often experience dreams as if they did not have DPD. Then, when they wake up, the have it all over again. Yours sound more anxiety, or stress oriented. But who knows...