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energy drinks and dp

ive tried to steer clear of energy drinks, mostly because im a hypochondriac and im scared that it could make my dp worse. but i want to know if anyone has noticed a correlation between energy drinks and their dp? im not so much worried about the caffeine, but its the guarana and the other crap in them.

Re: energy drinks and dp

I don't know... I stay away fromm ALL stimulant and even fluorescent lighting. Going to a grocery store, I always literally black out due to the lighting. Stimulants make me very fuzzy and black out. So, any type of caffeine or energy drink, I would advise not to mess around with. I think those feelings are temporary, but with people who have DP, it exacerbates our symptoms. So, for someone who doesn't have DP, it makes them feel energized. For us, it makes us black out. It really just depends, though. I have (for the most part) the non-anxiety DP... so, maybe it's different for me than it would be for you. Just be careful and listen to your body. Note each result. Keep a journal of what is bad vs. what is okay, to make sure you don't repeat any mishap.

Re: Re: energy drinks and dp

yes, energy drinks definitely make me have more feelings of de-realization, anxiety and dp. guarana is just caffeine... it is not inherently any worse... don't listen to commercials.

i find that ginseng actually gives me worse feelings of dp than caffeine. i try to limit my intake. in any case, it's temporary. some days i am more sensitive than others.