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Re: About me

These are the symptoms Ide have.

Surrondings feeling strange to me although I know where I am, etc.
Same with people.
As if there is a invisible glass between myself and the world.
Crying fits because of these feelings.They are horrible.
I ask questions alot... Like do you remember when we went here or did this or that?When Im reminded of things Ive done in the past It makes me feel more grounded.
IVe even asked my husband to pick me up. That makes me feel more real too and not so scared.
Time seems to go fast, it's distorted to me
Ive done things like keep a diary of what I did each day to try and stay connected. I get afraid of losing touch with reality.
I get afraid of believing things arent real ( I know they are) but the thought of going over the deep end TERRIFIES ME.
WHen I find old paintings Ive painted or letters Ive written.. those make me feel more connected too.

Strange stuff for sure, blah.
I am without a DOUBT a hypersensative individual.