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Like a light coming on!

Hi all,

I've just come across the actual term "depersonliazation disorder" today for the first time and I'm really shocked to find that it perfectly describes what I've been feeling for years!.

I thought it was maybe just a bit of depression, or "just me" but now I think there might be ways I can cope with life better. My question now is what do I do next? Where do I go from here?.

I often see people as a species and find their behaviour curious, dumb, and just odd and a futile attempt at them trying to provide a purpose to their automated lives. Life?, well that's just there, Ive had no childhood traums, Im way beyond adloescence and intimate relationships often feel surreal. Any hope???

Re: Like a light coming on!

Work is going on. Read Jeff's Abugel's story. It might be somewhere in that website. Talk with doctors about Marplan, and Anafranil.

Re: Like a light coming on!

I have some of those exact symptoms. I find myself seeing other humans as mere animals, kind of like on National Geographic. When I walk by a classroom at my university, the idea of a human standing there educating others in a lecture hall seems absurd to me, as if they were just like monkeys or something.

Also, sometimes interacting with my significant other seems very surreal. Sometimes I cannot comprehend what love means and I feel no connection. Other times I feel like she is actually just part of me.