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Does this sound the same as your experience?

When I was around 16 years old I smoked pot for about the sixth time (even though I really didn't enjoy it) and got extreamly high. The next day I woke up and felt like I was still high and panic set in. Through the next month I didn't leave my house and felt pressure in my head. My eyes felt dry and out of focus and I had ringing in my ears so sound was different. I remember feeling like pressure was all around my eyes and looking in the mirror was weird and my eyes felt like I had a new pair of glasses on or tunnel vision. Before this I had depression some what but felt very open to reality and had a urge to get drunk, smoke pot and try to get mind altered. Now I don't feel open to reality so I don't have a urge to get messed up because I want to hold on to reality the best I can. I am now thirty with a family and still never feel completely normal. I still have eye and ear issues but have learned to live with them. My anxiety was bad so I started paxil about 6 years ago and it helped but still never feel that open feeling I once had.


Re: Does this sound the same as your experience?

That's exactly how mine started. I had smoked pot several times during a summer, and all of a sudden one day I just felt this weird pressure in my head. I looked it up online and determined that it was a tension headache, but I also experienced the vision symptoms as well. I figured that it may not be tension headaches after all because I just plain felt weird. After a while, I stumbled upon the term depersonalization disorder and realized that it was exactly what I had. I know what you mean about the closed feeling.. it never really went away fully but after about a year I got over it. I'm sorry to hear that yours seems much more permanent.