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DPD Research

I recently read the book Feeling Unreal and enjoyed it a lot. It's a good feeling to know that there are others who are experiencing the same symptoms I am. I noticed though that the book was written in 2006. Have there been any discoveries or successful treatment options made since the publishing of the book? Also, does anyone know of any medical magazines or websites where I can track the latest research on DPD and other dissociative disorders?

Thank You for your help

Re: DPD Research


saw your post on the forum - I need someone to talk to about this so thought I'd write - whereabouts are you from? May I ask your age? I'm having an episode of DP (for about 5 weeks now) - maybe we can talk, share our symptoms and give support - I live alone and that makes it really tough - since I'm not too computer saavy, could you just email me back at - maybe you could give me your personal email as well - emailing is the only way I know how to communicate on the net


Re: DPD Research

Hi Michael,

There have been some ongoing studies at Mount Sinai and elsewhere relating to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, and some other things. Usually you don't hear about these things until some kind of result emerges, and then they are published in the various psychiatric journals in the US and UK. I believe the Institute of Psychiatry (IoP) in London, Kings College, lists the most recently published papers. We also plan to make sure to mention any and all latest findings when Feeling Unreal is updated, likely when it goes to paperback. If there are any earthshaking findings on a day by day basis, we'll sure try to post them here!

Re: DPD Research

There was also a fairly recent study on DP and sleep loss, which can be found at this link: