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Re: has anyone fought back?

I’m new to the DP world but I have probably been dealing with this for over 40 years since childhood.

I got into this first by owning my “spacing out”, identifying some ADD like symptoms, getting a EEG scan showing how dysfunctional my brain is, and then read the literature on DP Disorder.

Here are a few things I find helpful:

I see a Therapist who focuses on authentic presence, who gently guides me away from DP state and my covering up of DP.

I got into some spiritual teaching about “being in the now” and that seemed to describe a lot of what I experiencing – when I am in DP I am not in the now. 2 important things I learnt from that:
• Learn to be the objective rather than critical observer
• When I realize I am not present (in DP state) I am for that moment present (not in DP)

I’m now sharing a house with a friend who also has DP Disorder.
• We do a lot of “owning” the behaviour – admitting we are “spaced out”
• Identifying ways we’ve covered up DP
• Identifying triggers for DP

Physical therapy
• Playing with a small ball throwing it from one hand to the other for a few minutes
• Bouncing a large ball alternating left and right hands
• Alternate tapping of feet and or hands getting left and right brain to work – it seems to help pull me out

Treating DP like an addiction: I’m involved in 12 step programs and find that framework helpful in looking at DP/