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Re: C/PTSD and Depersonalization as a disorder?

Probably because it is not ALWAYS a result of "trauma."

I've experienced DP/DR randomly since about age 12 or 13, and don't know of anything I'd consider "traumatic" that precipitated it. I've gone 10 years or more with no symptoms, then had them suddenly and terrifyingly reemerge May of last year.

Re: Re: C/PTSD and Depersonalization as a disorder?

Depersonalization can be a symptom of many conditions, or a relentless full blow disorder in its own right. The primary difference when it comes to trauma is that PTSD is triggered usually by a single major event, whereas DPD, if traced to trauma, seems to be of the ongoing, lower level variety, such as a noisy, unhappy, but not physically abusive childhood home life. There are many people with DPD who cannot pinpoint a cause of onset. Some just wake up with it, for no known reason. It is easy to see why the two disorders seem somehow related, but the scant biological studies also show that different systems are operating in each of the condition (see Feeling Unreal).