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What "kind" of doctor?

Ok, so if I finally get around to actually "doing" something about this dp/dr, what kind of doctor should I see? Psychiatrist, neurologist, or... ?

I'm 48 years old.

First couple of dp/dr episodes in early teens, "out of the blue," with no known precipitating trauma or abuse. No more for about 10 years.

Daily morning "regular" headaches for a couple of years in high school.

First Panic Attack at about age 20, at college. Definitely stress-induced. No more for over 25 years.

Idiopathic "TIA" at about age 25 or 26.

First experience of claustrophobia during CAT-scan for TIA.

Attacks of "Migraine with aura" from late-20s to present, tapering down from at least one per month to maybe 3 per year.

Transient, relatively minor episodes of dp/dr in late 20s, mostly when driving home at night.

Dp/dr resurfaced strongly for no known reason May '07, and several other times that Summer and Fall, a few leading to P.A. Submerged and eventually almost vanished until May '08.

Reemerged in May '08 in an interesting "combination event": Bizarre vivid dream -> migraine-type headache upon awakening -> dp/dr -> P.A.

Since at least Summer '07, I have had constant or nearly-constant tinnitus.

I've had heart palpitations -- usually mild -- for quite a while.

I don't have depressive feelings, except sometimes for a few hours if I'm extremely fatigued and under heavy stress, and by far the main "anxiety" I have is in regard to future dp/dr events.

Additional info

No head injuries.

No alcohol abuse.

No drugs, other than antibiotics and OTC meds (colds, allergies, headaches), used according to instructions.

Re: What "kind" of doctor?

There are links between temporal lobe epilepsy and DP-like sensations, as well as migraines and DPD. It might be wise to be thoroughly checked out by a neurologist, and a psychiatrist must suggest going that route first as well, before venturing into psychiatric treatment.

Re: Re: What "kind" of doctor?


Would it be worthwhile for me to type up and print out a history like the one in my post, and have it available for the doc?

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