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Do i have depersonalization?

Ive been seing a counceler for a month now for mental reasons that i cant explain, he mentionted the word depersonalization so when i got home i googled it and found this website. All the descriptions on here of DP describe exactly how i feel! i recently told my friend about how i feel as if im not real and life is a dream, as if im on a twin earth where something is slighlty different and i dont belong to it. the only think that seems real is the voice in my head which seems so loud. i feel a pressure in my head and a cloudyness in my head, my vision feels constantly blurry as if everything is blendin together althought when these feelins retreat i hav perfect vision. at the back of my head there is always a huge sence of urgency as if im waitin for severe bad news. sometime my old self comes thru and i feel so normal! and it feels amazin 2 hav a clear mind! but i spend most of this time of freedom bein scared of wen im gonna go back 2 it. when im walkin down the street i feel, as other people say, as if im watchin a movie, people talkin 2 each other have there storylines and theres no possible way i can b involved. Im tryin to explain it but its unbeleivbly hard. im only 18 and i see that other people have had this for 20 odd terrified that ill have this for that long. i need freedom from this prison in my head. i beleive i have depersonalization and i just want to talk 2 people who have it aswell so i can try figure out what is goin on. please help me.

Re: Do i have depersonalization?

Hi Richy. It does sound like DPD. Can you attribute it to anything, such as smoking pot, taking ecstasy or another drug. Are there any mental problems in you family history? Youth is on your side, and if you can get to the bottom of this early, you'll get better than much faster. Don't be discouraged.

Re: Re: Do i have depersonalization?

Im not sure to be honest....i used to smoke cannabis and have bongs and it never made me happy, just made me feel bad most of the time....but i really dont know if it was off that....i recently broke up with a long time girlfriend and it seemed to get worse and worse untill it got to the stage its at now so i dnt no wot caused it. i tryed speakin 2 my counciler about it but he just seemed to try brush it off and talk about it just bein anxiety, and parents just tryed to blame on lack of sleep (im an isomniac). but i know its something more then that and im at a loss what to do or how to get help. Any advice u can offer wud be brilliant. i need what i can get. and thx for replying :D