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re: What is wrong with me?

When I was 20 years old I smoked some pot with friends and went to a bowling alley. Something happend to me! I suddenly fealt as though I was no longer connected to the world or as if I didn't exist. I thought I was crazy. Completely disassociated with everything. I have since quit all drugs and booze but the fealing has persisted off and on for many, many years.

It is encouraging to read that others have similar experiences. I have tried many thing to cure myself with minimal results. Most days I feal lost.

Re: re: What is wrong with me?

Hi Gil,
Depersonalisation syndrome is a very unpleasant

I have been a sufferer for 20 years. I ate some cakes which were spiked with cannabis ... unknown to me. It drastically altered my brain chemistry..

Some people get over dp...some are lifelong sufferers.

Meds which helped me... antidepressant, but after several years stopped working.. benzodiazpines help short term but are not a long term my opinion.

I am now trying a combination of st. johns wort and bacopa monnieri an indian herb... so far it has helped
quite well.

The endorphins I get from excercising also help tremendously.

There is a research unit at the Maudsley hospital in London which is looking for a cure... (I attended there and saw Dr. Sierra who specialises in this illness.)

I believe some people are genetically predisposed to get depersonalisation from using cannabis and also alcohol. If you suffer from dp alcohol will temporarily make it much worse....

I am constantly looking for a cure for dp....
The answer is somewhere.....

Regards Paul uk