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Re: Interrested?

Thanks. It is interesting.
My personal response:
(He remarks about: It is what it is--let go of spirituality, self, etc.--and relieve your suffering. I can't adequately summarize it, so check it out if you can.) My view of suffering is that it can do you in, but it also might allow for growth. Suffering is not always a bad thing. It's easier for me to say this for myself than for others--I would never wish for someone to suffer--but at the same time, there are times suffering humbles or quiets our noisy mind. (other times it adds noise, but then...)
He prefers to 'let go', and I credit him for finding something that works for him and probably others. My own feeling is that in addition to this constant undercurrent of life he speaks of (stripped of all human things/ideas/variables/etc.)which allows him to exist in the present without suffering, there are other interesting things to explore--especially for a mind that is very quick to question and be cynical, as I assume many here are. Exploring intangible things like the 'self' and 'spirituality' and 'morality' can cause suffering, but I wouldn't give it up in place of 'letting go'--I would tack it on depending on my mood that day or what I was doing. Some days my mind just wants to chew on things or obsess; other days I feel contentment reminding myself of something greater than me. This changes constantly, and I've come to recognize that that's me. (Maybe others here wish they could just 'let go'?)
His 'truth', which he wouldn't label that way, is just one aspect of human existence--an important one--but just one nonetheless. I feel that when I depersonalized I did strip to the bare senses, with no concepts attached, and I did not always see the relaxed recognition--sometimes it was just the opposite. He shouldn't be so confident that his emotions and mind aren't interfering with this state of recognition... and it IS a state, I feel.

Anyway, basically I'm saying that unlike him, I like philosophy, and while my fruitless searches for things may cause me great suffering and loneliness at times, they still hold meaning to me. And especially now that I am feeling less depersonalized then before, I can find more enjoyment running on my wheel.

Thank you for sharing that--I like those kinds of things. They get me thinking.