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It's been a while.....

Hey Jeff and friends,
It's been a while so I just wanted to check-in and say, things (DP) have mellowed out for a few years...and I find these things hold it away for a while.
l. Stay active with passionate things like art, music,
friends who inspire. (I started painting and making
altars and icons.)I have a studio in San Diego.
2. Do something new, like force yourself to go some
where you have not been before. Just to change
your old wiring. I go to Italy when I can...some
times frightening myself the whole time but feeling
successful after a while.
3. Move your body....when the mind feels weak use the
4. Get involved with making a list or organizing some
thing. It keeps the focus off of yourself. I've
organized Benefit concerts for Autism, working
with Bands and talent.
5. The most importent thing to share is that I have
suffered with DP off and on my whole life..
it comes and goes...sometimes I have spent 2 years
with agouraphobia and not left the house....than
DP goes away for five years.....(I'm in my 50's).
6. For me xanax has been the only thing that works...
I have been on only .5 (3 times a day for 15 yrs.)
Occasionally an additional one if needed.
This is the only med I take. The anxiety and
depression seem to go hand and hand. This has
been an o.k. year...I am glad you are still on
this wonderful site, Jeff. Love, Robbie
Love and Peace, Robbie

Re: It's been a while.....

Good advice Robbie. And good to hear from you. This site will always be here. So don't be a stranger. Even to your self.

Re: Re: It's been a while.....



I posted a story on here way back in 2003, when I was suffering from dp. (story of p aug 03)
Anyway, after a long, long journey I am now TOTALLY free of this terrible illness and actually feel "happy and normal!!, and would like to use my experiences to help others who feel lost or trapped in this world of unreality.
Reading over the forums brings back terrible memories for me, and feelings of utter sadness towards those poor people suffering, and I would like to help in some way if thats possible, even if it offers these people just a glimmer of hope, that this illness can and does go away over time.
I truly believe that DP feeds on itself, and the more you fret and panic, and search for reality.....the worse it gets, it seems to me that its a cross between a sleep disorder, a panic disorder, anxiety, depression, and psychosis.....i mean its all interlinked!! (hope this makes sense!!??) Please, if anybody would like me to answer any questions, or would like some reassurance....or anything....I really want to help.....I promise, Ill do my utmost to drag you back into the real world, and put a genuine smile back on your face. Please contact me on