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Did I have depersonalization?

I have smoked marijuana a total of 4 times in my life. The third time, I had this weird problem that lasted two weeks, and the fourth time it lasted a week. Here are the symptoms I experienced each time:
short term memory problems,
trouble reading and doing things involving numbers,
weird hallucinations, like i would think someone was in shower stall next to me, but i either couldn't see anything and would hear water, or i would see water but there wouldn't be anyone there,
really sensitive hearing,
i would sleep 13 hours a day,
i would ask people if everything happening was really going on or not, like i couldn't believe stuff just happened

Like I said, it went away both times, after I got it the last time I decided to stop smoking completely, but this weird thing happened. Its been at least two months since I last smoked, and on Friday or Saturday night, it felt like those same symptoms came back, only they were much milder. I could still read and do things with math, but I just completely lost all motivation to do work. I also couldn't believe I was doing things involving math and numbers, because they just didn't make sense. My spelling was also really messed up or at least it appeared that way to me, because I had to type about 7 essays and remember seeing a ton of red lines in word. My short term memory was just like gone. My hearing was also messed up. I didn't have trouble believing things were happening this time, but I thought I was hallucinating alot for some reason, even though it turns out I wasn't. I don't know whats wrong with me. It doesn't sound like depersonalization based on all the stories I read on this site, but it also hasn't gone away permanently. There was a time after I stopped smoking where I felt 100% normal, but then this just happened out of no where. However, around the time this happened, I wasn't getting a lot of sleep. One of the things that helped me when this happened after smoking was exercising. I would usually feel better within an hour after exercising, but doing that this time didn't help. Which makes me wonder if it wasn't just THC left over in my body when it happened before. Right now I feel pretty normal, but my memory still feels messed up. It might not actually be messed up though. I really hope to god that what I went through was just some more stuff from smoking weed and then stopping as opposed to depersonalization or any other kind of issue. Depersonalization sounds scary as hell.

Re: Did I have depersonalization?

I forgot another major symptom I have experienced all 3 times. Keeping track of time is impossible. Like I could easily waste a whole day not doing anything. I'm still having a bit of trouble keeping track of time, but I feel like its starting to get better. Also, I didn't have trouble during the period of time when I felt normal. It was only when I experienced all the other symptoms that I had trouble keeping track of time.

Re: Re: Did I have depersonalization?

Some of this sounds like depersonalization disorder; it can manifest itself in different ways in different people. Unfortunately all you can do now is ride it out, see if it goes away, and if it doesn't, try to clearly define the things you are feeling or sensing. Don't worry about it, take a day at a time for now and see how it goes. Above all, don't smoke any more pot.

Re: Re: Re: Did I have depersonalization?

It looks like it went away again tonight. I find that at night time I feel normal, but once I wake up again in the morning everything just feels different. Another symptom I forgot to mention is that I can't feel the difference between hot and cold. One time I went over to my friend's and she made something for us to eat, and supposedly it was really hot because she just took it out of the microwave, but I didn't feel anything at all.

Anyway, I don't plan on smoking ever again. Its been two months, but I still can't manage to get rid of all the symptoms. Hopefully, when I wake up tomorrow morning they won't come back.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Did I have depersonalization?

Good news! I woke up this morning and they were gone. Hopefully, they won't come back again. They seemed to have lasted about 5 days. Thanks for the help!