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Help for 24-25

I need help for ritalin 24-25.....I don't take ritalin equal.....what should I do? taper of 0 at 24-5 in family? or taking just the tiny amount to be up at the supper (I know I will feel dp/dr tomorrow anyway!) because when I take it soon AM, I sweat, become irritable, isolated and don't want to play, hyperfocused and sad.....if I dont take any I will be so numb..... and sad...I can also takeadderall XL, at least I laugh for a 1-2 hour, play, and don't remember the morning after.....but I would be happy if I take it at 4 PM, a tiny dose, then I would play, TALK at family....I know I willl be **** the morning after, but I will see a taper off doctor 30. Since then I am in terror, sadness, and I am sure I am already fool, and my neurons are not good. So I don't want to think, it's Chrsitmas....please guide me....

PM me, email me, I will take messages.....

I don't want to be a **** for christmas, not too drugged by ritalin or adderall, but not 0 ritalin because I will be too sad dp/dr and will think I am crazy.

Re: Help for 24-25

Take a tiny bit. As little as possible to see you through.