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Re: No diagnosis

You're not alone. I've had chronic depersonalization/derealization for 7 years. While panic, depression and axiety happened AS A RESULT of the DP/DR, hindsight is 20-20. When this first happened, I was having issues with anxiety and mood swings. Something was at work deep down in my body. Shortness of breath, panic attacks, and the rapid mood swings. Then this. Eventually this became the new normal. I was misdiagnosed for years and put on a lot of useless and downright harmful drugs. I am currently on four medications to deal with the damage from the previous medications. I'm currently seeking treatment from a trained psychotherapist in Ottawa who had training in dissociative disorders. Hypnotherapy will probably be a treatment option. People who dissociate easily are the best candidates for hypnotherapy. Don't expect mental health practitioners to know all about dissociative disorders. A lot won't understand. Hang in there. Nothing lasts forever.