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Not Sure If I Have DP/DR -- something else?

I'm a 14 year old girl - well, going on 15. I don't know when it started, so I guess it's chronic and never decreases in intensity. I've had-i think- only one panic attack. One of the most scary days is when I was home alone for about half a day (10hours or so) and I was bored so I watched Girl,Interrupted (a favorite). That probably didn't help how terrified I was. I became very paranoid and began to hear things around the house,voices coming from rooms and "phantom ringing" - quite frankly I was scared out of my mind. I wrote for three hours about this and how I don't know if I'm even alive. I cried the entire time I wrote, all three hours. I haven't had a breakdown as bad as that recently (that was 3 months ago). I went to an art museum approximatly two months ago. Usually art is profound to me and its beauty and meaning, but not as much as it did that day, making me have a smaller breakdown-I cried, in the museum (so embarrasing). My mom asked if I was okay, and when i'm crying I don't want to talk because it makes me cry more, especially when I can't explain my sadness.
As for mental illness running in the family...
my mom has depression
my sister has generalized anxiety disorder and probably something else I wasn't told
my other sister (I have two) goes to a therapist in her college but she didn't tell me why
there's probably more in my family that I just am not aware of...
I haven't tried to talk to anyone about how I feel (unreal,robotic,what I see is fake and the same as a dream-etc) because it's not a well known disorder and I can't explain it. I have overheard my mother talking to my aunt about me and how she thinks I may be "depressed or have something else, more serious." I don't know how to deal with this when I don't even feel like I exist and how it feels like nobody else exists and i'm just asleep.
DP/DR can be a symptom of other disorders, the only I know of being schizophrenia. I have no idea what this is that I have, or possibly don't have at all and i'm just a hypochondriac...

I would love to hear from someone!
also, do homeopathic remedies work for dp/dr symptoms?

thank you so so much!

Re: Not Sure If I Have DP/DR -- something else?

Hi Caitlin,

You may or may not have the beginnings of depersonalization disorder, or just some temporary depersonalization symptoms. You can't ignore your age, however, when tremendous hormonal and brain changes are completing their normal growth processes. You may just be overly sensitive to your changing chemistry, and overly analytical about your thinking processes. 74juTry not to worry about it all too much right now.

Re: Not Sure If I Have DP/DR -- something else?

You need to talk to an adult in your life,parents, or even one of your older sisters. You need to see a real phsyciatrist. I was just diagnosed and am working through it, I go to therapy once a week and am on medication. But, since your only 14 you need medical attention. And soon. This can be serious to the point of harming yourself because your so desperate. Please write me back. I'll listen.


Re: Re: Not Sure If I Have DP/DR -- something else?

I'm not going to harm myself, I know that much, I would never do that. Another person, Jeff, stated that it could just be my brain developing and all of those things, so I'm trying not to worry.