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NYU SURVEY POSTED- Please participate.

A graduate student at NYU working in DPD Research has asked us to post a small series of questionnaires. PLEASE set aside 5-10 minutes to answer the questions. Of course it is all anonymous. And every little bit helps.

One note: you may find that even if you say Never under frequency, you must click something under Duration, or the test won't take. So I just picked the smallest duration in answering these. Thanks!

Re: NYU SURVEY POSTED- Please participate.

I'll help, will you send me the surrvey?

Re: Re: NYU SURVEY POSTED- Please participate.

I am formiliar with these forums. But, I think I understand that your the leader? If so, you've read my letters to Stephanie and Caitlin. I was wondering if you had some insite?


Re: Re: Re: NYU SURVEY POSTED- Please participate.

Hi Debbie
I try to get to specific questions as I can, and answer when I feel I know the answer. But, in working for years with Dr. Simeon at Mount Sinai, we feel that most of the answers are provided in the book "Feeling Unreal" which we provide links to. A lot of it can be read for free on Amazon now. If it wasn't for the ability to refer people to the book, we would be answering many of the same questions over and over again. However, when new information becomes available, we try to post it quickly. But, the website isn't about me, so I try to keep a low profile and kick in when i can be of some real help.

Re: Re: NYU SURVEY POSTED- Please participate.

HI- There is a link to it under NYU Survey, on our main page (which features all the other links) Thanks!