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Please use this forum to discuss information directly related to Depersonalization Disorder. We welcome you to share your own personal experiences with others as well as any treatment or study programs you may know about. We have been forced to restructure the Forum so we could have editing access as needed and be able to Archive older comments once they disappear.  Sorry for the temporary inconvenience, but now we will able to post older material for reference.

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Disability living allowance

hi, i`m new to the forum and am very interested to learn about anybodys experiences, i`m also an old hat as i`ve lived with the disorder for twenty years without any letup, i`m 34 now, so if anyone wants to chat about there own experience i`d be glad to listen and tell you where i`m upto with physchiatric care.
Because i`ve never spoken to another suffer before i`d like to know if anyone else suffers from pain, sometimes its so bad my wife needs to bathe me.....
I claim low rate mobility, i`d like to know if anyone with the illness has managed to get the higher rate