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I saw a specialist in BIPOLAR. It seems that I am bipolar. Dp/dr doesn't mean anything to him, except it's an anxious thing, He didn't talk about curing dp/dr.....not at all..... ritalin, yes I am addiocted and have to taper off..... i will do it slowly but I think I try faster because it changed me so much, it's like night and day. I am on Paxil 10 now, because I remember it helped me in the past for panic.

I have to begin Lithium 150 mg.... and taper off Ritalin.... and for dp/dr, no answer. I am bipolar, have to try Lithium because Epival made me suicidal. I don't work, I am confused, I have fear and feel like a failure to my son and bf. I try to have faith, but I lost any faith.

I am too afraid......anxious is not the word. I don't want to live anymore if Lithium doesn't help me.

Please write to me, think of me.

p.s. I will see a LAST psychiatrst specialised in POST_Ritalin problems, to see what he thinks. I want to have the opinion of someone who knows what is ritalin abuse....I want to know.

God, I hate Paxil but I am so depressed, I wished to have more of Paxil (20) to endure my life right now.... I have just 10.