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kind of need some help about what I need!


I am just looking for advice; I think that I have depersonalisation disorder through the books that I have read and I have been seeing a psychiatrist but I am seeing a new one in a few weeks so I was wondering what I should say or do? At the moment I take Mirtazapine 45mg, Sertaline 50mg, Quetiapine 150mg, Zopiclone 15mg and Diazepam two 5mg a day. Still weird things keep happening and its scaring the hell out of me.

Like I will lose time, a couple of weeks ago I did forgot a whole day and then woke up the next day not knowing it. Quite often I will feel really upset or scared but not know why, other times I will start crying for no reason or I will get really confused. I get the whole of thing where I get the out of body experience and sometimes I know objects are mine but it’s like I never seen them before.

Does anyone have any advice? The medications are making me feel sick all the time and I just want all this stuff to go away so I can focus on my studying. Thank you,