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Help!!! Badtrip from 2 weeks adderall use (5 mg)


(p.s. I took ritalin for 2 years and never felt so dp/dr)

I feel so bad. I took adderall 5 mg XL (low dose) along with my Paxil and 1,5 clonazepam and sleep pills, and I thought it might help like ritalin, unlike ritalin, at low dose it gave me a (pot) feeling, yawning and no feeling at all, and a sense of relax but no focus. I continued and I felt so out of it, dp came back, and dr, and on it I felt so weird, like 2D, I didn't have any emotions on my voice, I had trouble to concentrate, very dissociated, and I toughed it 2 weeks, and I stopped, and since 1 week, it never cam back. I feel less drugged, but I feeel not me, and weird 24/24 I am SURE I a crazy. I don't hear voices, see things, I am able to remember things, althought my short terme memory is bad, I am able to take care of my kid, of the house, talk with my son, husband, make dinner, and even buy a cat, but I feel again, not there at all, in my thought, never there, and I either panic, cry all day, or am neutral and almost forget emotions. I am sure I screwed up my brain with adderall (2 weeks use) and am crazy, but my husband and doctor just think it anxiety. If so why it doesn't go ??? Why I feel so sad and weird, I can't explain, like not in me, in my body (I know I am). But I feel so moody, and not aware, just enough to live and not work.... I am afraid, I don't know who to trust, what to do. Any advice? Do you think I am crazy? Do you think a 2 weeks use of adderall 5 mg XL can do permanent damage on someone? I am forced to live because of my son, I take a bit of klonopin in a day because I panic too much, this feeling of confusion is soooooooooo sad, I didn't know it could return, and nobody understand.... I just want to feel my memory again

Re: Help!!! Badtrip from 2 weeks adderall use (5 mg)

You are not crazy and you know it.

Search for H.A.A.R.P. effects on humans.
After that visit site.

Re: Help!!! Badtrip from 2 weeks adderall use (5 mg)