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When i got DP/DR i got it from nowhere. Then took medicine and felt better. After 7 or 7.5 years i drop it off and DP/DR gone. That means i had DP/DR from medicine too. Later i started take medicine again. DP/DR appeared again. I did so, because without medicine i felt many unpleasant nervous feelings from time to time. One of the feelings is like bulb wire is in the middle of my brain and constantly vibrating on a very high level. It feels like when you are running a cross and feel tired, but still running. But you allways can do a break. I don't know how to liquidate that vibration. What did I felt more, was hightened fear of various forms from various things. At night i experienced horror, during days i felt completeness, plenitude, joy. I was very happy then. And am happy now, because i experienced life without DP/DR again, what i allways wanted. When i take medicine, i don't feel horrors, fear. That's why i take it.
I take 1 pill of klonasepaam and 1 pill of paroxetine in a 24 hours. If you have any suggestions on that medicine, feel free to advice me.
Telm me if anyone do researhes on DP/DR. I could participate there.