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Naloxone to improve DPD?

I recently read the 2001 Russian study titled: "Effect of Naloxone Therapy on Depersonalization: A Pilot Study." Of the 14 individuals with DPD tested, 3 noticed complete reduction of DPD and 7 showed a marked improvement. After the injection of naloxone, the individuals were given benzodiazepines to help stabilize the improvement, which worked for several of them. When I first read the study I found it very promising. I looked around for any other studies that had been done on naloxone therapy, but only found the Mount Sinai study done on Naltrexone, which didn't have nearly as hopeful results as the naloxone one. I was wondering why there hasn't been any more research into this topic.

It is also interesting to note that the Russian study recorded low initial cortisol levels in the subjects' blood. After the infusion of naloxone, their cortisol levels increased. This also seems like something that merits further attention. Has anyone tried prescribing medications that increase cortisol levels?

Re: Naloxone to improve DPD?


I have been suffering from DPD for a little over a year now and i have also read of the studies done with the drug Naloxone. I have tried many prescription drugs and none have helped so i have just accepted my DP and am living my life in a constant struggle with it every day. It would be amazing if this drug actually worked in combatting DP, and even putting it into complete remission as i read in the cases of three individuals who suffered from it. I was just wondering if you have found anything else out about Naloxone and its effectivness over DP. my email is id really appreciate any feedback from you thanks!

Re: Naloxone to improve DPD?

The Russian study used naloxone, while the follow up study in 2005 by Simeon and Knutelska used naltrexone. While the latter is twice as potent as naloxone, it is not as effective in "hitting its target area" so to speak. Overall the naloxone study looks very promising and further investigation is warranted.