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I have been DP free for years

Just wanted to stop by and let people know that Depersonalization DOES go away.

I got mine from an intense first weed experience.

The feeling of unreality lasted, for me, for five years.

No medications help.

What did? Time and distraction. The less I focused on it and led a normal life, the more normalcy returned.

Three or four years in, I no longer even thought about it...
Someone asked shortly after about the DP. I said, "Oh, I don't have it anymore."

It was that simple. It was a gradual taper where it just disappeared without me acknowledging it. There was no "oh! its gone!"

When they asked me, it felt so casual to say I didn't have it. I know the hellish experience it can be.

Some people it will take less time, I'm sure.

Just know it WILL go away!

Just wanted to stop by these forums after all these years and contribute. Keep in mind, most of us that do overcome this, don't come back. This is why you'll hear more negative stories than positive ones.

Why revisit the past if you're free?

Re: I have been DP free for years

This is really wonderful! Thanks for sharing your story! My brother is fighting depression and it's really hard to watch him going through difficult time.

Be well!