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I would like to tell you some experiences

Dear brothers and sisters


I would like to tell you about a vision I had back in September 2009, and share with you the experiences which incite me to do so.

I lived for three years with my daughter in northern Germany, this was a time when we were under great Satanic attacks. As strong as the attacks were, so strong was also the power of Yeshua on our side. I and my daughter had real experiences with Yeshua.

Yet, I have not had such a clear experience as the one my daughter had. Seven days after Yeshua was real with me and took my spirit with Him to the universe, Yeshua visited my daughter.

The experience Ann-Kathrin had with our king is beyond my own experience. In February 2009, she saw Yeshua as she sees me, she could see any of his features. Yeshua sat on her bed, as I usually do. The reason why I mention this conversation is the fact that He told her that He will provide for our relocation and for a house! Yeshua was about a half an hour on her bed, then He said that He now had to take care of her mother. Then Yeshua disappeared through the wall, which led to my bedroom.

We relocated three months later and again that was on a 27th !

Since my daughter had been mostly rejected in her life, Satan had played his final move off against us. As we came back to live in Hohenlimburg, where we now had my son Tim living with us again, she found many friends and as of then, there was less room for Yeshua in her heart.

In September 2009 I received two visions about my daughter which are also very important for all of us.

1st Vision

I saw Tim and Ann-Kathrin in a hospital; I don´t know why we were there. Suddenly a man stood before us, he had a small mask in his hand in which he dripped many drops from a small bottle. He then went to my daughter and put the mask on her face. Instantly she slumped to the ground. Even my son had to shrink back because of the strength of this anesthetic.

I knew immediately that a doctor had to inject an antidote, so I ran through the hospital while screaming. When I found a doctor I told him that I needed his help, but his reply really frightened me. This doctor said he had to go to the airport now and that he will be until July in ????????????. I can´t recall what he wanted to do till October! However, he said that the war will start in October and that he had to be there to work.


Since I was already expecting the rapture to take place last year, I have removed the part of July. It is quite simple: I did not want to accept the fact that I still have a whole year to spend on this earth. After this vision, I was sure of the fact that the war in Israel will begin in October.

2nd Vision

I saw my daughter standing together with other young people, there was nothing bad there. However, I saw me wanting to get to her from a side street, I shouted from afar, Ann-Kathrin you are in danger. Satan appeared out of nowhere, I was hoping that he doesn´t see me, but that wasn´t the case. Satan came up to me, put his arm around my shoulder and said he would now take care of me personally. In that moment I could not move, I could only think (in my mind)- Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Until I could finaly open my mouth to cry out to Jesus.


This is how things turn out to be; my daughter is Beautiful, she will be 16 at the end of November; she has many friends! She told me again just yesterday that I had had enough laps of honor (PLEASURES) in my life, and that now is her turn to do her laps of honour since she wants to enjoy life. She also said that after the rapture shall have already taken place (i.e if she is left behind), she will know how to behave herself (in the tribulation period).

Deep in my heart I feel we have too little time left till the rapture and both my daughter Ann-Katrin and my son Dennis will be left behind.

When I came back to Hohenlimburg, my son Dennis remained with his father. Dennis will be 25 in November and he has only his musical career in mind. He also knows Jesus, but he also loves the world too much.

Tim has found the way to Jesus, he will be 22 in December and he serves the Lord!

Finally, I want to pass on the testimony of my daughter, she was 12 years old when she received it.

I also firmly believe this testimony is from the Lord, and so I am sure we are going to be in heaven before Christmas.

Please pray for my three children, Dennis, Tim and Ann-Kathrin.

Here is, the testimony of my daughter.

My love to you all


Testimonies of Ann-Kathrin Barthel

Dear reader,

I am a 12 year old girl. I have known Jesus since my birth.
But there were times when I was disobedient and rebellious to my mother.
I also didn´t please Jesus at times; I was listening to worldly musics, watching “Soaps and Telenovelas” which only displayed intrigues, homosexuality, violence etc.

However, I later realized that there was no time left for laps of honor. I

asked Jesus for forgiveness for all that and he has forgiven me. I

thank Jesus that I´m allowed to call Him Dad. I want to serve Him always!

My friend whose parent are Catholic, has converted during

our worship service and now wants to follow Jesus without

Shame before her family. She prays for her family that they should believe and pray.

Last night on August 27th 2007 I had a vision of hell. Short

after I was asleep, I found myself in a coffin. I

could actually see nothing, but I knew for some

inexplicable reason that I was in hell. It was very narrow and

stuffy in that coffin. I could not really see anything.

I had no body freedom. Although I could not see anything,

I knew that there were about 5-6 demons standing around my coffin.
They were ugly and frightening. Each of

them was gigantic, I guess about 2m high.

Each of these demons had either a huge heavy lance,

or a huge big long knife in his ugly claws. I

could feel the fear, it was a different fear than the one we can

have on Earth. When I moved to lie down more comfortably, one of the demons

Snapped at me; saying I shouldn´t just move or else he will destroy me.

The voice of the demon was so deep and rough to me so that I was very frithened.

The demons were constantly piercing in the coffin with their lances,

Knives and swords. I was

not feeling any pain because Jesus was preserving me from them

and I am very grateful to Him for that. I only know that

it hurts, but I could not feel it. I know that

this place is prepared for Satanists, witches, magicians and people who

don´t want to get rid of occult things. I

know it from the book of Mary K. Baxter: A vision of hell.

Jesus showed Mary hell during 30 nights, including this

Place among other things. The pains are terrible even if I did not feel them; the

Fear was torturing enough!

For weeks I was tormented by fear, I was very afraid to go to hell.

A short time later mom saw in a vision that I will be raptured with her in the

Heaven, yet my fears didn´t disappear.

On Thursday the 11th of October at about 6pm I went to walk with our

dog Moritz, suddenly I heard a loud

Noise, I thought that I was now going to be raptured. But no,

I was not caught in the sky, I waited for it though.

A vision of the Rapture

In the following night, it was on the 12th October, I had a vision of the Rapture at about

3: 30 am.

I saw myself sitting on my bed, I was either reading in the

Bible or playing the Nintendo DS, I'm not quite sure.

At least I guess it was at about 11 pm in the evening. My mother

was in the next room talking to her spiritual son on phone.

Suddenly, I heard it: a very loud noise as if the

sky would collapse. It sounded like a Shofa, but also as a

Trumpet. I knew that it was the trumpet, and afterwards the

same sound came once again.

I got up and ran to my window and looked out.

Suddenly there was a huge white hole as if God had punched in the air.

Jesus was standing at the top of the hole. Everything on Him was

white; a short time later, I saw many angels under Jesus and unfortunately the dream

ended here.

Now I remember

that all of this was just before Christmas.

Whenever I look out my window, I recall

What Jesus showed me, and I have a veryyyyy great joy,

that I may soon be forever with Jesus.

Much love and God's blessing to all who read this.

Ann-Kathrin Barthel

Email: ulrike.for-charity@web.de

Website: www.hands-for-charity.de

Re: I would like to tell you some experiences


This is my son Dennis!
He is the guitarist, my boy is on the lefthand side.


Dennis again!




Email: ulrike.for-charity@web.de

Website: www.hands-for-charity.de

Re: I would like to tell you some experiences


This is what my son Tim has done for the Lord.




Email: ulrike.for-charity@web.de

Website: www.hands-for-charity.de

Re: I would like to tell you some experiences

Thank you Veronika; you are blessed to have such spiritual experiences with the Lord. The visions from you and your daughter make the rapture seem so near. I will pray that your children can all make the rapture. God bless you.

Re: I would like to tell you some experiences

Thank you Earthangel

I can't wait until the rapture take place, but I'm blue as well. I gave my kid's in the hand of Jeschua, but this are my kids.

Email: ulrike.for-charity@web.de

Website: www.hands-for-charity.de

Re: I would like to tell you some experiences

Hi Veronika! I also have an older daughter that has been backslidden, although I know that she was saved as a young child. I will pray for your kids. Maybe they are already saved and just backslidden.

I told my oldest daughter (through middle daughter) to try to witness to her friends because the rapture is coming very soon.

I know that she thought about this afterwards and the Holy Spirit is probably after her too!! God bless you!

Re: I would like to tell you some experiences

Thank you Melissa
As Ann-Kathrin was 6 years old, she had a vision! She saw here brothers and me in heaven.
Even I had a dream a long, long time ago, that the Lord will rapture us altogether in heaven.
But this is was Jeschua should like to do, but it's all up to us. If we love the world, we are left behind.
Look Melissa, we all are waiting for the rapture and I thought that my situation shows, we don't have to wait another year.
I beliefe, I'll see my kids in heaven again. So you do, you will see all your kids in heaven again.
But we are a mother!
My douther in Jeschua, she had a vision of the tribulation, this will be the worst time, a time like a horror film!
See you soon in heaven

Email: ulrike.for-charity@web.de

Website: www.hands-for-charity.de

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