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Implications of the shortened tribulation time

Many of us believe that the tribulation time will be shortened. However, we also believe that it won't be that the day becomes less but the length of days become shorter. One day will become less than 24 hours, it will become only 16 hours, one third shorter. The questions that we should ask then is what will the effect of this to the earth?

The logic then goes like this. If days are shorter, then implies the earth rotates faster. The question scientifically addressed as what will be the result of the earth rotating faster ?

From a source on the internet I found an article:
which put up what might happen and combining with my logic physically what possible things to happen

What will happen are:
1. When the earth rotates faster, it becomes flatter, further from perfect sphere.
2. Equatorial areas become wider.
3. faster rotational implies bigger centrifugal forces, lowering the gravitational forces.
4. flatter earth sphere implies less gravitational forces too.
5. faster rotational also implies stronger winds on earth.
6. bigger areas of equatorial area implies cracking of the earth in many areas, fulfilling the beasts coming up from the earth. The earth will literally open up, making ways from the beasts from the hell beneath the earth to surface the earth.

Therefore there will be:
1. many tornadoes and storms much stronger than what people know currently.
2. many earthquakes happen as the equatorial surface become larger than before in just very short period of time.
3. The mountain will be flatter or even ceased to exist as lands are stretched, fulfilling all the mountains will be moved.
4. The ozone cracks wider, letting more UV coming on earth literally killing thousand upon thousands of fish, birds and animals and plants on the earth.
5. Less oxygen per meter cubic on the earth than before as gravitational forces becoming less, opening cracks, bigger rooms than before. Many animals, fish and plants will be death. It is much horrible story than we can imagine right now.
6. However, is it possible too that, less gravitational forces will literally make people live longer which ignite the fulfillment that even though people are hurt they can't die right away. They can bleed all the way but death not catching them right away as happens right now because less gravitational forces. They will be death eventually but in much painful ways.
7. Many vacuum air on the earth making flying with aeroplanes very dangerous as your planes can go down to the earth suddenly without sufficient air mass needed to make them fly.
8. Faster rotational will heat up the earth so the temperature of the earth significantly rise above what current temperature. That implies fires on earth will be established. Probably too, the oil will not be there anymore, it becomes useless as the oil will be burned beneath the earth making the earth is burning from beneath. Implications than fulfilling the prophecy that wars will be established in a more traditional ways putting up mideast countries to the top countries again in state of wars and putting down literally the US Europe and many others who depend a lot on technologies.
9. Many skin burned, many more skin cancers, many more skin disease, making living on the earth a horrible way to live.

Do you want to still be on the earth during the tribulation? Accept Yahshua in your life and we are all who believe in Him will stay with Him forever by His grace and mercy only.

Re: Implications of the shortened tribulation time

I think it is also in our interest then to ask the question: where is then the meaning of shortened tribulation time to make humans still exist and alive by end of tribulation time?

This is my own take:

When the earth rotates faster, the centrifugal forces are way much stronger than now. These forces can bring the earth out of its original orbit so it can even has longer orbit needed to circle the Sun instead of the current length of orbit BUT Yahweh is gracious instead of making this happen, He will shortened the length of year into just exactly 360 days a year with less length of orbit. Actually with longer orbit, the earth could also possibly has more days to circle the sun than what we know right now, making it even possibly to have more than 366 days to circle the sun. But that might also not be like that, the point is that longer orbit could imply more days or longer time of a day or both. So do you see where the tribulation period get shortened scientifically? It is by the grace of Yahweh a year instead becoming more days becoming less days matching up 360 days a year from currently 365.25 days a year. Just keeping the earth in its old orbit has already helps the earth now, making it has shorter year even better than that!!!

Praise and glorify Our Beloved Father Yahweh who gives us His only Begotten Son Yahshua so that we can all live with Him forever only by His grace and mercy in our life.

Re: Implications of the shortened tribulation time

Wow, Gimel, what a great article! Yes, I too believe that the hours of the day will become shorter, not the number of days. I've heard JVI say the same thing. What I love about the article and your analysis of it is that it substiantiates that very theory about the day itself becoming shorter by the increase of winds, earthquakes, tornados, ozone cracks, and even the part about the bleeding and what it says in Revelation about man wanting to die but can't.

Thanks, Gimel, great find!!

Re: Implications of the shortened tribulation time

Decades ago I read a prophecy book, not by one of the well known authors, that speculated the fourth trumpet shortened the days by one third. I filed it in my brain under "very interesting".

Re: Implications of the shortened tribulation time

Yes Lisaleenie, now what wait in the horizon is the super big mega eartquake in the US could happen in the west coast or in the missisippi area, a huge one like what Scott told in his post the impending one, that will literally ignite the tribulation period or precursor of tribulation.
I believe in the horizon the earth will be like a drunken person but it needs an ignite to be on that state which only possible when something big enough hit the world from outer space, huge meteorit, small comets, or close contacts with a strange planet, close contact with a unknown star. Those are all some possibilities that can literally ignite the chaos and tribulation.

Re: Implications of the shortened tribulation time

Very good info Gimel!

Yea I believe the day when the earth spins faster could be the day of the 6th seal!

Earthlings will see the heaven departing like a scroll...
or like a fig tree shaken of a mighty wind.

"And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places."

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