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something I'd wish for?

How different is our definition of Love, huh ~~ compared to God's revelation how He loves ~~

Being tested, is that part of our faith?

Look @ Matthew 4:1 ~

. . "Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. . "

The Perfect Lamb of God was severely tested by Whom? By God, His Father~ it wasn't the enemy leading Jesus, it was God leading His cherished Son in the wilderness ~~ surely Jesus didn't look forward to it~

as hard as it is to admit it, we shall experience God's testing.

, though we'd not wish for it, it IS God's desire to build our character ~

still~ it hurts, it gets lonely, ~~ our Father knows how to grow us up ~ in greater love for Jesus, Holy Spirit is working to change our hearts as HE wills ~

~~ the LORD's way promises to challenge our motives, ~~His ways of "Fathering" us does reveal the weakness of our flesh ~~

oh, blessed is our Lord, ~~ His Life as we read, was lived as a Man of sorrows as well as joy ~~ the Spirit of God leading His Life to the 'high' place of Sacrifice, for God's Namesake and Glory to save humanity ~~ He saved us, we'll never have to pay the Price of salvation!! Praise God, for Christ's response? All for the joy set before Him ~~~

What peace as Jesus walked in faith, showing God's character every second of His Life ~~~ ~~

Jesus says to us . . "take My Hand, I will never leave you ~~throw your burdens on Me, I AM able to build you and your faith pleasing to Me" . .

Learning the Majesty of God's Heart, ~~ til we reach our ordained Place on the other side of eternity and finally gaze with Heavenly adoration to Jesus our Lord, ~~ we can't wait, and until then we are learning how our God proves to us His ways are not like ours.

He is Sovereign, , ~~ takes a lifetime learning to surrender to God's leading ~~ as He shows us, Holy Spirit is never forceful ~~

~~ I'm thinking king David's life was filled with ups and downs ~~ and God called him after His own Heart ~~ hence; the Psalms~

~~ we do watch with greater joy our Lord's appearing ~~ oh, how He first loved us~

Re: something I'd wish for?

We have a wonderful Father amen!! Thank you for this message! Praying for all on Ritanow today! God bless you sis

Re: something I'd wish for?

Jesus paid the penalty of our sins, ~ Jesus has saved us, amen, Melissa ~~ we're going to Heaven ~~ He 'robes' us in HIS righteousness ~~ no one can snatch us from His Hand, making His own secure evermore in the FATHER's power ~~

GOD reminds daily, HE is our Strength within us ~~ the Holy Spirit celebrates our life IN JESUS . praise God!

"Rejoice and exalt in hope and steadfastness and patient in suffering . . be constant in prayer" . . Romans 12:12

"I will go before you, . . I will never leave you . . "Deutr. 31:8

Re: something I'd wish for?

Re: something I'd wish for?

Thanks Donna for reminding me of the purpose our earthly trials and tribulations. Yesterday was one of those tough days for me and I needed to hear what you so eloquently laid out. As born again believers we have the confidence that our trials and tribulations are under the absolute control of our Almighty Loving Father. Our sufferings are part of His eternal plan for His glory and our benefit. We don't need to understand. We could not understand if we were told. There is nothing that I need an answer for from our Almighty God. We are to trust Him. Though He slays me, yet will I will trust in Him (Job 13:15)

Re: something I'd wish for?

taking in your wisdom, SR `~ trusting in God is never easy, ~~~ in Christ, we remain focused on eternity because of the Holy Spirit's indwelling . . God does not expect us to understand His ways, but expects, by faith that we trust Him while He works His righteousness in guiding us ~~

"Our hope is not hung upon such an untwisted thread as, "I imagine so" or "it is likely" . . Our salvation is fastened with God's own Hand, and with Christ's own strength, to the strong stake of God's unchangeable nature" . .
Samuel Rutherford

how true that is!

Corinthians 10:13 always gets to me ~~ the Word simply not to be denied~~

"No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it . . "

Re: something I'd wish for?

I love that scripture in "blue" , Sis ! HE makes a way out for us when it gets too hard and we start thinking ...No ! I cannot do this , I really can't .
"before we call on Him , He answers !" The Word
I love this too .....as Jesus is planning wonderful things for us , relief , peace, rest , before we even call out for HELP ! HELP !
HE remembers that we are dust ...revived by His Spirit .
In these days , I remember I am dust a lot ....cannot go on without His Strength ...His Peace ...His Rest !!
The HOURS are going ...they are running out in the Age of Grace . I can feel it deep inside .
Late ..how late it is , love , bb

Re: something I'd wish for?

1 Corinthians 10:13

I came across a little book that Wanda had, "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers. I started the daily reading Sept 1 and today's reading Sept 17 is on 1 Cor 10:13. He points out God does not save us from temptations---He sustains us in the midst of them:

Heb 2:18 And now he can help those who are tempted. He is able to help because he himself suffered and was tempted.

Heb 4:15 Jesus, our high priest, is able to understand our weaknesses. When Jesus lived on earth, he was tempted in every way. He was tempted in the same ways we are tempted, but he never sinned.

Heb 4:16 With Jesus as our high priest, we can feel free to come before God's throne where there is grace. There we receive mercy and kindness to help us when we need it.

Thank you Lord!

Re: something I'd wish for?

When the Lord gives us a test, He wants us to pass. When the enemy tests us, he wants us to fail.

Love & blessings...Tender Reed

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