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earth , the middle area

Earth where we are given opportunity to decide in which place we desire to spend Eternity , with Jesus in Heaven , or with lucifer in hades .
The Presbyterians believe for the most part we are foreordained (chosen from the foundation of the world , already His own from the very beginning ).
Methodists believe we are wooed by the Holy Ghost but must choose our way .
Baptists believe we must make a decision for Christ as well .
The Bible seems to teach both . "For whom Christ foreknew , he foreordained and whom he foreordained , he Forgave !"
~~~Then : Jesus Saves !
~~~~Then: Choose this day whom you will serve !
Strange that in some ways Earth is like Heaven and then again , in some ways it is like hades .
In what ways ?
Like Heaven , Earth has flowers , trees , lakes , woods , fresh mountain streams , sunlight and lovely mountains , friends , loved ones , home fires , family gatherings , Christmas Eve and Christmas Day , birthdays and anniversaries , dogs and cats and lovely birds ,little mountain goats and bear cubs and cute baby piglets . It is a store of good things God has given for mankind to enjoy .
****But like hades , since The Fall , it has heartbreak also . Heartbreak can be hell on earth , and it comes in many forms to each man / woman .
Each person would describe it differently according to what heartbreak is for them personally , as we are all different and diverse in our likes and dislikes and opinions and desires .
Speaking of hell on earth : Like many people , I have always wondered what it was like to be a Jew in Nazi Germany in WWII. I am Jewish on my Grandfather's side , he being Jewish from his mother's side , but he never suffered anything close to what the Jews of WWII suffered , not ever .His life was pleasant and he was loved to the end .
As for me ,I believe the greatest heartbreak on earth is the heartbreak people feel when they are ostracized as the Jews were , and as any race is that is not deemed "as good " as another race . That is lifelong rejection that no man or woman should experience , but millions do .
In my own life I have been very popular for specific and certain years of my life , and then suddenly I have felt complete rejection for stands I have taken , but I would stand the same no matter , as I am stubborn to the end . I think it good for people to know both sides of the coin, as it shows us exactly what rejection is , and Christ The Lord suffered the greatest rejection and persecution , the like no other earthly man has ever experienced or ever will . For our sakes He did this . We should understand something akin to what He felt . It is good for us all. Before we leave here , it happens to all, count on it .
~~~~ All that said to say this :
Heaven ! Why do people desire to go there other than missing the fires of hell , or just because they Adore Jesus so much ?
I think it is Acceptance , Total Acceptance is found within it's Glorious Gates.
Believers look forward to Heaven with Christ because there is no rejection , intolerance , being put down , being Second best , placed "off the A-List" , treatment of a lesser nature , crowded out by favoritism or not accepted for lack of importance or prestige . Therefore is is Unlike Earth where all these things exist everyday . People want relief from this , the peace where these things do not exist , and never will .
The Essence of Heaven is Christ . His Nature envelopes the place , permeates the air , causes the joy , the bliss , every worthy and nobel satisfaction perfectly fulfilled in His Lovely Being .
Heaven is perfect unlike Earth . Heaven is Peace , unlike Hell .
If I thought this not true , I could not look forward to it so much , but I do . In Jesus , there is total acceptance , as it comes from His Perfect Nature , His Fairness , His Love , His desire that each experience the same REST there Eternally . It is for all this He died , rose again , ascended into Heaven and Reigns Eternal Lord and King , God Almighty .
Earth ...it is not perfect ...hell it is ****ation , Heaven it is ETERNAL ACCEPTANCE in Christ . Bless His Holy Name .

Re: earth , the middle area

Beautiful post, Bonnie! Very well stated.

Re: earth , the middle area

Beautiful thoughts Bonnie - so ready to be in perfection at it's purest.

Re: earth , the middle area

wow, I ditto David's words~~

Re: earth , the middle area

Great reflections Sis! Indeed, our first and foremost motivation for desiring Heaven, is to be in the eternal presence of our Creator God. Avoiding hell and leaving middle earth is just the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, I'm craving something sweet now.

Love & blessings...Tender Reed

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