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a " hunger " I do not understand, but

it must be real , or it would not exist for some .
I see , I read this , and have been reading this for years on forums .
I am trying desperately to understand this , as it has to be deepseeded in a " great personal need ".
My impatience with it peeked a few years ago.
Spiritual elitism ...I no longer believe that it is elitism , but a terrible insecurity that is akin to a sickness that needs healing . Jesus heals ! He cares !
I lashed out at this on many occasions on forums , emails . But today I am trying to view this in "light" of what Jesus actually knows about it , and it's followers . Jesus always sees the "other side " we do not see , or understand , Bless Him ! He of the understanding Heart of God .
I know people in my own family that suffer this . They cannot get past it .
~~~~I am beginning to see it this way :
~~~ Most ( the majority ) of believers are completly satisfied with Meeting and Accepting Jesus and their Walk with Him subsequently .
Others appear this way :
They are not happy ( totally fulfilled ) with meeting Christ , walking with Him, experiencing Christ , unless it is remarkable "from" that of other believers apart from their experience . They want their experience with Him to be set apart in a way that is not , to me , healthy for them , as it places their experience above that of other believers . We are One in Christ , as it should be . An experience with Christ is always unique because people are not the same .
~~~But when you reach a point that their is no satisfaction in your relationship with Christ if it is not over and beyond anything another Believer experiences with The Lord or ever Has Experienced with The Lord , something , in my way of thinking , is wrong , is "off ".
Christ in His Fair Play with all , gives you the best He has . He always gives this to each , not knowing unfairness in His Nature .
If it is not enough , where are you with Him ?
You are still special in your "everyday walk " with Him ....you were always special since He created you . There is only one you . TRUST ! that Jesus has given you everything possible In His Being , as to all men who sought Him out . It is His Way with us , never changing , constant ..sure , He can be trusted to always do this for EACH .

Re: a " hunger " I do not understand, but

This not only happens to Spiritual Elitists , it happens anytime the Word is added to :
One day a mormon said to me , " The Bible is not enough ...it does not explain everything , we need other revelations (Book of Mormons , the Pearl of Great Price , (books they have added )...through Joseph Smith adding to The Canon , which is forbidden to men .
***** "Not Enough " , there it is again . What God has provided is not enough for them . they must have more than "other people" find satisfactory, in God The Father through Christ .
BEWARE ! what God has not given to you , no man needs .
"All that glitters isn't gold !"
" If it is too good to be true , it probably is . "
Super-human believers that quest for knowledge or experiences past what God provides in this earthly realm ( before Heaven ) are
eating of the tree again that God The Father said was forbidden fruit of a tree He posted : [ Stay Away ! ...do not eat of ...]
we should obey ...

Re: a " hunger " I do not understand, but

Amen Bonnie!! I think that one thing that these folks would probably have in common, including the Mormon group, is that they do not fully understand the Gospel of our Lord!! That may be why they are searching and trying to fill a void that is not filled with what our Lord has already done for us, which is making us acceptable to our Father.

I also know that our minds are a place for spiritual warfare and have to be guarded from deception!! It is very easy to go off on a "rabbit trail" with your brain and end up in trouble!

It takes descernment and discipline but also a real understanding and acceptance of our full salvation that has already been purchased by Jesus for us Amen!! God bless you today sis!!

Re: a " hunger " I do not understand, but

Thank you ! Amen , Sis , truly ...they do not fully understand The Gospel in truth !
Bless you today in the Grace of The Lord Jesus Christ , bon

Re: a " hunger " I do not understand, but

Relationship, not religion! Not leaning upon my own understanding of the scriptures and the times we live in, I lean on the everlasting arms of Christ. Church is simple. Firstly, we help bring those that don't believe, into a state of belief. Secondly, once a person believes, the church should then teach the believer how to enter into a personal and intimate relationship with their LORD & SAVIOR! That's it! That's the ultimate function of the church.

Love & blessings...Tender Reed

Re: a " hunger " I do not understand, but

Amen TR!! and thank you dear Bonnie!!

Re: a " hunger " I do not understand, but

great thread Bon-bell`

Relationship, not religion! Not leaning upon my own understanding of the scriptures and the times we live in, I lean on the everlasting arms of Christ.

amen, ~~no Holy Spirit gifted, no relationship to Jesus ~

God's children KNOW Him . . ~~ the awakened are alive with desire to know the LIVING GOD ~~ it is the Spirit of God IN relationship with Jesus, drawing us in relationship to our Father ~ ~~ Holy Spirit is alive, vibrant, moving His transformed saints straight to the breathtaking alter of the Heavenly Holy of holies ~~~Thankfully, we have been given the Scriptures for the purpose of revealing God's Heart and His ways . . ~~ oh, bless our Lord and Risen Savior for relationship faith!! . .

, thankfully we'll have the Bible to run to in Heaven, and other books of Life about the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah ~~, even more, our God Himself will take rich pleasure that we may adore Him in the power of His surrounding Light and Love ~. . why were we created? for relationship with the One True God . ~~~~utterly amazing Grace ~`~

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