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-Iran-set-to-shut-down-nuclear-site-in deal with the West

Wow - In the link Amy posted about Iran it said Rouhani may be willing to remove centrifuges at the Fordo plant in exchange for
the lifting of sanctions? I don't know if I trust them.

Makes me think of the vision I had earlier this year where I saw a spinning and hear centrifuge and then I was no longer looking at it from above but the side and it became a whirlwind/tornado looking object.


Thanks Amy!

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Re: -Iran-set-to-shut-down-nuclear-site-in deal with the West

That's in one hand...so what's in the other?

Re: -Iran-set-to-shut-down-nuclear-site-in deal with the West

Maybe they don't need them now as they more than likely have chemical weapons.

Re: -Iran-set-to-shut-down-nuclear-site-in deal with the West

The news a few days ago was that Putin is supposed to be sending Iran some of the same newest/best missiles he gave Assad a few weeks ago plus some uranium. [Sanctions? What sanctions?]

I didn't see any specifics about the uranium (whether it's raw ore or bomb-ready), but as I understand it, Iran already has quite a bit that's refined enough for nukes, so maybe they can afford to publicize getting rid of some centrifuges (perhaps the ones that computer virus messed up?)

Iran's been working on chemical and biological weapons for quite a while, with the object of wiping Israel off the map.... I remember reading a year or two ago that they have an enormous amount completed....

Re: -Iran-set-to-shut-down-nuclear-site-in deal with the West

Iran is not going to stop anything to do with nukes. It is another stall tactic. They have found out that if they say things like that, the UN and the USA will back off and try to assembly a team to go in to verify. Once the team is in place, they will claim something happened and they are not letting anyone in, but are willing to negotiate, and so on and so forth until they have what they want. I say the heck with it all, we should just give them nukes to help speed things up. I gotta get off this planet and the sooner, the better. See you all in the air soon.

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