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Will The Real Feast Of Trumpets Date Please Stand Up?!! Virgo Constellation Is Our Clue!!

While I was searching through the planet movements in the table of my world almanac book I noticed that the Sun enters Virgo constellation on September 16, 2013--What?!! That is a little over a week after the feast of trumpets!!

September 5,6, 2013 on the new moon is the feast of trumpets-but according to the signs in the heaven this feast is always accompanied by at least two major signs in the heavens!

The sign of the jewish new year on the feast of trumpets has the Woman or Virgo constellation clothed with the Sun and the New Moon under her feet!

The new moon just entered Virgo on the feast of trumpets but was only in the head of the woman and not under her feet--what?!

So what gives with this years feast of trumpets? It seems to be off by a month maybe!!

So if we progress to the next month of October 5,, 2013 we can see the new moon already at the Spica star in the arm of the Virgo constellation and two
days later the current New Moon will be under Virgo's feet on October 7, 2013!

Excuse me I accidentally entered on to a Library computer that only gives me a 15 minute session--I have to exit right now--I will continue on another computer in a few minutes-what a stupid oversight on my part!! Be back soon and I will continue where I left off!!!

Rita 3....

Will we be here to see Rita 3, the third and final version of Rita, to become operational, or shall we be lifted up, and continue this ministry throughout the 1000 yrs of peace, from our own heavenly assembly hall?!!! What say you?

Love & blessings...Tender Reed

Re: Will The Real Feast Of Trumpets Date Please Stand Up?!! Virgo Constellation Is Our Clue!!

I know there has been much debate about a Rosh Hashanna delay this year and many seem to discard the idea, but it seems evidence may be mounting for this theory- what an unusual year! Thanks for this additional piece of the puzzle Scott!

Re: Will The Real Feast Of Trumpets Date Please Stand Up?!! Virgo Constellation Is Our Clue!!

This gets better and better every day.

Re: Rita 3....

Part II---->

Now where was I---> Oh yeah!!

We see the Moon already at the star Spica in the arm of the Virgo constellation on October 5, 2013---and two days later the current New Moon will be under Virgo's feet on October 7, 2013!

We also will find that the Sun enters the Virgo constellation on September 16, 2013; and by October 7, 2013 the Sun is pretty much within the Virgo constellation and clothing the woman with Sunshine!

Not until October 31, 2013 does the Sun exit the Virgo constellation and then enters the next constellation of Libra!

I have a 2011 world almanac and it appears to show under the table of planet movements each month of the year that the date for the feast of trumpets that year being on September 28,29, 2011--that it actually had the correct assigned Sun and New Moon finding their proper placement in this constellation on the new jewish year and on the feast of trumpets--with the Sun totally in Virgo and the New Moon under her feet!

This being the true marker of the feast of trumpets and the jewish new year --I am almost persuaded to believe that just maybe the real feast of trumpets for the year 2013 could be on the New Moon day of October 5,6, 2013!!

Just as a special note of interest--the next 188 earthquake cycle is due on October 7, 2013!
This will be just one or two days after the possible real feast of trumpets. There is talk on the internet about a mega-earthquake possibly taking place in early October 2013!

The fact is there actually were a couple of strong earthquakes on the last 188 day earthquake cycle on April 2, 2013!

In fact, the last 188 EQ cycle was sandwitched just days between two 8+ mega earthquakes--which is a very rare avent to have two 8+EQ's in one year or even just a couple of months apart!!

I listed the quakes in another post on Rita; if you go to the USDA--I mean USGS website that list the earthquakes for 2013--you will find that the April 2, 2013 date of the 188 day earthquake cycle falls almost smack dab in the middle of an 8+ mega quake just a few weeks earlier and another 8+ Mega quake a few weeks after this April 2nd EQ cycle!!

I really think that if the great earthquake does not take place in October 2013 ---then it most likely will possibly take place around the time of the rare Hybrid solar eclipse on November 3, 2013!

There will be an alignment in the heavens around this time in November --building up a convoy of bright objects up until the November 27-28, 2013 Comet Ison passage close to the Sun on the feast of dedication (On the jewish calendar it is Kislev 24)!

I will be posting another research paper on this amazing nine Comet/Planet candlestick Menorah in the heavens--which will align on or around the time of this jewish feast of dedication!

This could also be just a seven comet/planet alignment which matches the number of illuminated candles in the jewish temple!

( I am updating you on this fact--I just discovered there will indeed be 9 bright objects in the sky in a quadrant of the constellations in heaven!)

If Comet ISon represents the Coming IamSon of God--then He will be the middle candlestick as Comet Ison touches the Sun at a perilelion point and then heads away on out to the outer reaches of heaven!

I am going to plot these comets and planets on the sky map soon to see how they line up with the Sun in the middle on or around the feast of dedication on November 27, 2013---I will be posting my findings in a day or two-it is already finished just waiting to see when I will have time--tomorrow looks good!!

Stay tuned for Part III!!!

Re: Will The Real Feast Of Trumpets Date Please Stand Up?!! Virgo Constellation Is Our Clue!!

Scottie on eternalrhythmflow is also discussing an October 2013 "real" Feast of Tabernacles 30 day delay...

Re: Rita 3....

Tender Reed ---How in the world did I get my second parter on your message thread--I am amazed at how this happened-it just turned up when I hit the post message on my thread---WHAT!!!!!!!!

Can you explain it---I take it for a sign maybe!!!

Tender Reed my good brother and pal---I think we will see each other up in the golden halls of the Glorious Ritan Gym in Heaven!! We will be playing a game of hoops with a basket ball made out of gold leather --then we will slam dunk a few baskets and then set on the golden bleechers and drink pure mountain dew without all the artificial ingredients--I can dream can't I!!! Hee! Hee!

Re: Rita 3....

Hmm, my birthday is on October 7th... I'll take the Harpazo as a gift, and if it's October 5th.. well... who ever complained about getting gifts early? :D Excellent post Scott, I look forward to seeing this Menorah alignment, and part 3 of your research!

God Bless!


Re: Rita 3....

TR - I think this is the best thread hijacking so far. Scott - that cracked me up to go from TR's post to yours!

Re: Rita 3....

No Fear Just Faith---hey good buddy I am reading the same replies on Tender Reeds thread as I am on here-or is this Tender Reeds thread that I am now replying on--I am in a quandery right now-I am in a thick stupor or a sluggest super -duper mazy-hazy daze!! Hee! Hee!! Lets just have fun and enjoy each others company-I love you people!!

Jacob--your wish is my command---I am close to being almost possibly ready to about come close to surely and finally putting this next post up on the messageboard! Did I confuse ya--Hee! Hee! Got to watch my double-speak!!

Re: Rita 3....

Same thing happened to me, I posted on a new post and ended up on Scott's post as well. Freaky!@ I'll take the Dining Hall over the gym any day, and twice on Sundays. Sensing that things are indeed coming to a close, very soon.

Love & blessings...Tender Reed

Re: Rita 3....

Tender Reed: Someone has to pay attention to your post even if it was a spectacular hijack. I vote for rapture before Rita 3 is up because I know Rita 3 will be up soon and I long for a change in habitat.

Re: Rita 3....

Talk about a slam dunk, I wanna go fishing with Jesus! Tee, hee, hee.

Love & blessings...Tender Reed

Re: Rita 3....

I vote for simultaneous! At the very second the Mods push the final site update button, bringing up RITA 3 in all its glory --

we go up to our Glorious Lord!

That way both RITA Now/3 and This Old RITA are available for the Tribulation believers. (Well, I guess there'd need to be a hacker to enable new folks to register. But doubtless the Lord will provide.)

Re: Rita 3....

That we would continue RITA Now/3 from Heaven hadn't ever occurred to me before TR's post.

I've had a computer for more than 20 years now, and I can't help but expect something computer-ish in Heaven, for writing and printing and doing artwork and in general keeping track of things. Never imagined inter-dimensional Internet before this, though.

TR, you've invented something quite intriguing! Someone needs to write a Christian sci-fi story about it....

Re: Rita 3....

Hey Scott, (Truly sorry Tender Reed! Or is this REALLY Scott's thread? I'm confused, Lol!), I have seen 2 what I thought were stars in the sky (I'm in Northeastern Oklahoma), but as I gaze at them, they flash read regularly and it seems like every great once in awhile they flash another color, either blue or green. They stay in the same spot in the sky. One in the southeast, one in the north. With all of your space knowledge, do you know what it is that I might be looking at? (I don't have a telescope.)
Patti Day : )

Re: Rita 3....

Patti, I saw the same phenomenon years ago back in college and watched for a while with a friend. It was also a subject that prompted me to make an early comment on this site through another person, since I was not a member at the time.

What happens is that at times of the year when the seasons are changing, the atmosphere creates a prismatic effect upon stars at a particular height above the horizon, much like a rainbow effect.

So why aren't all the stars affected? It shows up best with the brightest ones and disappears when they rise higher above the horizon.


Fair Use For Educational and Discussion Purposes

The colors come from the air, too. Just as white light is composed of a rainbow or spectrum of individual colors from indigo to green to red, so is starlight. When a star is near the horizon, refraction is strong enough to create images of the star in every color of the rainbow and cast them about in different directions. To our eye, the star looks like a continuous sparkle of varying colored light as split-second variations in moving air pockets make it dance about. Wonderful!

Re: Rita 3....

Thank you, David R. That's wild!

(Guess I can take off my little tin foil cap now! Lol!)

Re: Rita 3....

Pattie Day-No! No! Don't take off the little Tin Foil Hat--you look rather cute with it on!!

Thanks GoldenKnight for posting the other Scottie's video on the real October 2013 feast of trumpets--it may just be a month off after all!
Humblehorse was mentioning in his excellent video the sign's in Virgo that might have taken place earlier this month and have now transpired-but really signs in the heavens are never likely placed there for real time markers!! Or better said the event of the sign most likely never takes place at the same time of the actual event on earth-take the first coming of Jesus-the sign was in the heaven before He was born in the Manger!!

Re: Rita 3....

I agree Scott, although the signs are there, it would appear that they do not point to specific dates, just time frames. But we should know that really from the Tetrads...

Re: Rita 3....

Without anything in particular in mind, just having a great sense that indeed our redemption may indeed be close. We see signs, we sense the season, yet a quit and persistent thought continues. This time it's for real! Anyone else besides me being inconclusively assured.

Love & blessings...Tender Reed

Re: Rita 3....

I think the almost-attack on Syria widened a lot of eyes. The situation there is still quite fluid. The latest is that the Islamist rebels seem more anxious to kill the secular rebels than to fight Assad.

Meanwhile, Assad and Putin just bought themselves a huge chunk of time. I don't know what they'll do with it, but definitely nothing good!

I feel anything can happen at any time -- but when I say that, I'm mostly thinking in terms of the Middle East.

I surprised myself a few months ago by unexpectedly changing my mind about the Rapture timing. I think it will probably be next spring, maybe next fall. I'm not expecting the Rapture in the next several months.

I've been wrong before, and I'll probably be wrong again.

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