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Could The Dust From Comet Ison Form Megacryometeors? It Is Natural-And Possible!

This just hit me like a ton of bricks people!! I had watched a special on the weather channel about how hailstones are formed in the upper atmosphere and some of them are formed by meteor dust--did you get that meteor dust or particles from outer space!!

Did you know what Comet Ison is bringing with it --millions of tons of meteor or Comet dust!!

Can you imagine once those patrticles hit the upper atmosphere where it is cold as--should I say it--? Yes! Where it is as cold as ICE!!!!!!

The comet Ison tail will pass by earth on December 2, 2013 and later on January 14, 2014 the earth will pass through the tail debris and this tail will be unlike any other--it will not burn up when the dust hits the atmosphere--I got that info right off the Nasa Space website and other Astronomy websites are saying the same!!

The dust will be harmless but what if this dust accumulates ice around each particle and comes plunging towards the earth crashing into everything?

That is when the subject of MegaCryometeors comes into the picture frame!!

Bet you never thought that this word would ever enter your vocabulary in your waning years on this earth--but so it came to pass!!!

This is an amazing natural phenomena!! Meteor dust from outer space can cause ice chunks to come crashing down towards the earth-it happens all the time and worldwide-but on a limited scale!!!

Can you imagine all the free floating dust from Comet ISON floating slowly towards the earth and not being burned up in the upper atmosphere and as it slowly descends it accumulates ice crystals and a slow evolving ice core as it picks up weight and then begins to accererate in speeds of the kind that can most likely fulfill the first trumpet judgment in Revelation 8:5-7!!

This could be the very reason why worldwide folks of all classes will seek underground shelters until this trumpet judgment passes-and it may take a few weeks for the earth to totally move away from the Comets tail--as we revovle around the Sun and away from the debris of Comet Ison!!!

The Comet Ison dust is not going to burn up when it hits the earth's upper atmosphere--this is a fact--no lie!! The astronomy websites all say this-I speak the truth-or they speak the truth--unless they are covering up more then what they are allowed to print or announce!

The Comet Debris dust will take many days to completely fall gradually to the surface of the earth--this to me is a perfect judgment from the hand of God!!

Then again this may not be at all what takes place-that is if these megacryometeors are just not able to form under the atmospheric conditions present at that time in January 2014!!

Did I just say January 14, 2014---Yikes! That is winter time!! The upper atmosphere will be totally cold enough to encapsulate each Comet dust particle with ice crystals---that does not bold well!!!

Another thing to think about! The Comet Tail will be concentrated on both North and Sounth Poles of the Global Planet Earth!!! Again what a mess we might be in for of falling fiery ice chunks of reddish iron ore bits of Cometary dust--the blood color mentioned in this first trumpet judgment!!
The blood color of this fiery ice balls from space is the composition of this matter before it hits the earth and not after it is cast down towards the earth---scarry stuff here folks!!

But we are not given over to the Wrath of God-we are His people and by that time we will be watching from above down below as we look up now to what is sure to come down from above to the earth below--I bet you can't word a final statement like that in organized jibberish!! Hee! Hee!

Seriously folks this could be what Comet Ison might have in store for those who are not prepared--on the Nasa Website they even mentioned that this Comet could have some surprises with it that they know nothing about so far---kinda makes you go Humm!!!
I will post on my next message the website where I got this latest information and it is a Nasa website so they are the ones hyping it up-except they are not talking about the subject of Comet Ison's dust tail creating Megacryometeors---there I said it again!!!

You may never here that word again for the rest of your stay here on earth--this could be a new discovery!!! I sure hope not for the earth's sake!!

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