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Post deleted?

I come back on to rita and i see my topic gone.

Re: Post deleted?

Was it this thread from last week, Austin? It's on page 3 (at the moment, anyway).

If there was something more recent of yours, I didn't see it (and I used Find until the post linked above showed up). I believe the mods may have felt it necessary to delete some dreams they felt were inappropriate (not positive about this; something was hinted in a thread a few days ago).

And let's face it: software does weird things. TR had a thread yesterday (well, the evening of the 18th) where the second post was something Scott had posted on a totally different thread. And then apparently one of TR's posts had also ended up on the wrong thread (or something; he mentions it on that thread also).

Who knows how these things happen? When I worked for the public library, people would swear the computer had them listed for books they'd never checked out, from libraries they'd never visited. We were pretty good at spotting cases where someone's card number had been scanned in place of a book number, or the scan had only caught part of a number, and it turned out to be a valid number for a different book. But there were a few times we thought the mainframe had actually hiccuped....

Re: Post deleted?

Hi, Austin,

The post was deleted because you set a date for the rapture. We are fine with some speculations that say Jesus "might" return by a definite date; we do not allow posts which say He must return on or before that date.

I appreciate your anticipation and enthusiasm for watching. If the Lord should come within the week, then I will rejoice with you and all the ones who are caught up. Should He return after the time that was set, then I will continue watching, and not leaning upon my own understanding.

The Holy Spirit is prompting many to be ready and watchful; I do not think He is saying it has to be within a few days.

Re: Post deleted?

I read your post, Austin, and I was honestly taken aback when you had said He told you He was returning within the next couple of days. But secretly, I was wishing to let this happen! Haha

Here's hoping

Re: Post deleted?

Austin, I'd love to hear what you have to say, is there anyway you can reword it to fit RITA rules but still get the message out?

This is like a teaser and now I'm curious to know what it said, LOL.

Re: Post deleted?

I understood part of your posting(the most important part)about the Lord coming this summer 2013.I didnt understand the other bits but thats okay.
Keep your zeal my friend...!So we have one more day of summer technically...
keep looking up brother

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