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Billy Graham ...treasured saint

God Bless Him . He is 95 years old . He was born Nov. 7 , 1918 .
* Others on this forum have posted that Billy Graham is probably a "time-marker" for the End of The Age of Grace, as the greatest evangelist of the last 7o years . Millions brought to Christ The Lord in his crusades , he is still going strong for The Lord , for His Kingdom .
* He chose Christ ! He , humble , kindly , strong , chose The Savior's work as his life occupation . How we appreciate his lifetime-stand for The Lord . What a witness : bold, vibrant , dedicated , completely .
*Unselfish witness for The Lord , he considered that his desire was for millions to know The Lord as he did . He went to many countries many times . He spoke with fervor , with enthusiasm , with determination in the purpose of Lifting Christ UP ! The Holy Spirit wooed millions upon millions as he spoke, and they came to Christ at the close of his messages . They made decisions for Christ upon hearing those wonderful sermons , so right to the point ! His message remained constant . ACCEPT CHRIST TONITE , ACCEPT CHRIST NOW , TODAY ! Do not wait !!! Do not wait ! His message is the very same today.
*** His family followed his lead . His wife , his son , his daughters , all witnessing for The Lord Jesus throughout their lives .
God Bless Him as he continues in God's work . We are right at the end of The Age of Grace . Praying he accompanies us , with Those Who Are Alive and Remain , as we go up, after The Dead in Christ go ( firstly ) . Bless this treasured saint who loves Jesus with all of his heart . His crowns await him . His Savior awaits him . The Lord be praised for this life !

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Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

I concur, bonbell! He is a marker for the age of grace.

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

Bon, sis ~~ 2 nights ago I watched TBN where Jan was at Billy Graham's 'library' ~~ I could sense the peace, so calming, throughout the program as Franklin guided the tour. Franklin's kept reminding along the way that the dedication of this library was not to Billy Graham, but built to glorify Jesus ~~

a film was shown of the library's opening ceremony. Included in the film were past presidents there, and when it was time for Billy to speak, he was humble, as usual, and spoke with all his heart making it clear that his life and gift to share the gospel was and is not about him, but the work Jesus had him do pointing all glory to Jesus ~

~ a film of one of Billy's crusades shown preaching the gospel touched souls in the library, and they were saved . .,

. . Billy had the gift of 'believabilty' drawing the listener to the heart of the good news in Jesus and His Saving Mercy ~~~

too, I loved it when Jan said, "she believed Billy will stay with us til the rapture" . . Billy's our "Methuselah" I think, and 'representation' of this last generation of this church's era and Grace ~~
. . it was so moving

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

I wish I had seen that Sis ! It sounds just wonderful , bless you Donna .
*****Bless you both today as you Watch , Saints .
if he is 95 and I agree , I think he goes with us , the Lord must be telling us something , huh ?.... not much longer now .....
How Anxious I am to Go Home Today , bb

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

Franklin Graham is about to lead a crusade in Iceland during September 28 & 29.
There is huge opposition from Icelands "alternate lifestyle" community because of Franklin's Biblical stand on marriage being man and woman only.

He has asked that all followers pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the lives of thousands of people in Iceland and that souls will be saved.

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

GOC, thank you for this reminder to pray for Iceland and Franklin's crusade work there. Iceland seems to be a choice for many fleeing Moslems also. Resistance will be strong. Franklin does have great need for prayer support there. Calling all Ritan's for this prayer concern to be lifted up to Jesus.

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Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

Wiil pray with you both for Iceland and his crusade for Christ there .
Thank you for this information .

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

Franklin also asked prayer for a celebration event that his son Will Graham will be leading in F ukushima, Japan on September 27-29. Lot's of fear there now and they need Jesus.

Both the Grahams are busy here at the end of the month of September. Maybe this is the last call.

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

When I was a child, my mother's elderly Bible study teacher (probably somewhere in her 70s at the time) used to refer to him as "young Billy Graham." He was older than my parents (though not by much), and certainly didn't seem "young" to me (I was in grade school at the time).

And some 15 or 20 years ago, when (according to Google Maps) my parents were living 25 miles from Montreat, they used to receive a Christmas card from Ruth and Billy Graham. Apparently the Grahams sent cards to much of SW NC at that time -- certainly many tens of thousands of cards, even if they went no further than a 25 mile radius from Montreat.

This morning I was listening to the weekly local radio show which the Presbyterian minister in town has done for the past 4 or 5 years. He had a minister guest who was telling about riding in a corporate jet from Florida to -- I think it was Texas. The head of the corporation was headed to Texas for the same event. Anyway, Billy Graham needed to go to Oklahoma for a different event, and they were going to stop there first to drop him off.

They had to fly through a horrific thunderstorm. Not only were they flying through it, but they could see the radar and so knew just how bad it was. The Florida minister expected they would all die. And there was Billy Graham on the other side of the plane, staring out the window, just enthralled.

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

Thank you, believer, for sharing this wonderful story with us ...loved it !
So good !
Billy Graham , someone we are going to want to talk to in Heaven . He will be first there as The Bible says in the end , the first will be last and the last will be first . He THINKS he is last , therefore he will be one who is first .
God Bless his faithful heart .
God bless you , bb

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

Maybe that's why the Lord hasn't taken him yet. Because he is destined to be caught up in the air with us!

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

Bless you , Saint ! I hope that, with you , love , bb
Jesus is King !

Re: Billy Graham ...treasured saint

I ditto Sammy's sentiments exactly.. Amen!

Thank you Bonnie for this great thread!



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