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This is a good commentary on Revelation

This was written by Clarence Larkin in 1919 and as he has no reason to skew the timing of the rapture or other events I found it very encouraging. Maybe some have read this already but it is new to me. His description of Wormwood sounds like ISON heading our way.
This is just for information and does not mean an endorsement of everything in this commentary.


Re: This is a good commentary on Revelation

Good resource... I'm still reading it to compare with my webpage on the book as well.

This one statement caught my eye as a former pilot: "In this world we only see half a Rainbow, or the half of things, in Heaven we shall see the whole of things"

..any pilot who has flown for any length of time will tell you that you can see a circle rainbow when you are flying.. which still fits his comment, because in the air (first Heaven) you can see the whole rainbow.

Website: http://www.bcrevolution.ca/rapture_facts.htm

Re: This is a good commentary on Revelation

That's neat Zophim, I didn't know that.

Re: This is a good commentary on Revelation

Thank you for this good teaching . Thank you for sharing !
I believe the comet is going to cause much damage .
Blessings in Christ The Lord , bb

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