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New features on RITAN

We all know how much we enjoy letting each other know that we "Like" someone's post. We've been working on that and believe we have a solution. We purchased software that will place a "Like" icon on the threads. Problem is it is not automated. The solution is for everyone to add a little code snippet to their own signature line.

As we prepare to open the site (hopefully on September 26), keep this in mind. After you receive your automated password and login, click on your username and edit your profile. We are not using Gravatar for avatars, so feel free to upload a pix for that. Then in the signature block, add what you would like (Bible verses or whatever you normally prefer there) then include this code snippet:

[likebtn style="greenred" dislike_enabled="false"]

With this, now when you post, there will always be a green "Like" button for others to click on

Re: New features on RITAN

I personally dislike the idea of a "like" button. This is something popular today in the world. Aren't we supposed to be "in" this world but not "of" this world? What purpose does it make other than to say that you like what someone wrote-their idea,study,picture,etc? Aren't we supposed to be edifying the body-ie-
everybody? We have people who come here seeking the love of Yeshua, not rejection. We have people who openly post they are having difficulty coping with life and are severely depressed with low self esteem. What happens to the self esteem of a person who only gets a few"likes" -or none at all-on their post-maybe because they have difficulty formulating their thoughts into words and writing them down, or their idea, video, or study they worked hard on is not well received, or English is not their primary language, or they are not computer savvy to post videos and gorgeous pictures? They feel unaccepted and unliked/unapproved. Their self esteem goes down. Is that really what we want to do to those who are already downtrodden and weary? While they sit and watch some always get numerous likes for their posts. This then becomes a popularity contest. Is that really what we want? To make some feel less liked than others? 

The use of a like button on Rita won't even draw similar articles/posts/pictures to a user like it does on some social websites.

I may say
 "I don't have any problem with the use of a like button."
My neighbor might say
 "I ain't got no problem with a like button,no."
Does my sentence show me to be more  joyful, or peaceful, having forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control than my neighbors sentence?
Does my "liking" some posts and not others show my love equally to all my brothers and sisters? 
How does the use of a "like" button unify the body of Yeshua?

I won't be adding this feature or liking people's posts. But thanks for trying to do things you think we may like. The thought is appreciated.

Email: GodIsLove5bc@gmail.com

Re: New features on RITAN

It's okay not to use the button nor to "like" other posts that have it. It's true it doesn't have the same purposes as Facebook, as with inviting similar posts. What it does do, however, is allow people a way to mark their presence, to let people know it's being read by someone, especially if they don't have the words or the time to write out a full reply. Some people use it just to say, "I'm here." It also doesn't take up as much space to use it that way. But I appreciate your position on it.

Re: New features on RITAN

GodIsLove, I understand the point you're making. I have to say, while I generally I don't use "Like" buttons, I do think they have the use of allowing someone to express their thanks without having to make a new post, especially if they don't have anything else to say/add. On this note, "Like" probably wouldn't be my word of choice for that, but instead "Thanks" or something like that.

This happened to me a few times here on RITA already, where I happen to read a good analysis on Bible verses or something like that, and I would like to say thanks without having to just make a whole new post, because I don't have anything else to add to or say about it. So if I for one am to use the new "Like" button it will probably be for just that and its simplicity. Not favoritism, I wouldn't want it to be perceived that way.

If I were to add or say something else I would just say "thanks" in that post instead, since I was already writing it. Sure, one may say then that if I didn't reply or "Like" a post that it meant I disliked it, but not necessarily. It would just mean I didn't read it or didn't feel the need to weigh in on what was being discussed.

Re: New features on RITAN

Do we have to add our last name to the registration form--I do not want to give out my last name on the internet?

Re: New features on RITAN

When registration resumes, you will need to give us your full name. However, that will not be seen by the public. Only the mods will have access to that information. What shows up onscreen when you post will just be your username (Scott). We'll have the rest so we can contact you, if necessary.

Re: New features on RITAN

Godislove I think you're reading wayyyyy too much into it.

The 'like' button is a way of thanking and acknowledging each other. There are times here on this site where I've wondered if anybody even read my post. On the old site, the thanks button was really wonderful. I never saw it as personal affirmation or rejection. It was just a reflection of how much someone appreciated what I SAID. And a way to let others know I appreciated what they said.
sometimes on here I've wanted to do a quick 'thanks' of some posts as I read through the thread, but I can't. I have to create a whole post and name everyone individually, and I ain't got time for that! (lol) The one thing I do wish we had was a tagging option, so that our brothers and sisters would know if we mentioned them. As it is right now, we have to make a thread title with their name in it to get their attention personally.

But I do agree. If it is just a simple code change, can we have the word "thanks" instead?

Re: New features on RITAN

We're using something called a "plug-in," which means it was created by someone else and we're making use of their code. So we sort of have to use what they offer. It has a green thumbs up, and says "like" beside it. Just think of it as meaning "Thanks."

Re: New features on RITAN

I would prefer a thanks button, but this is the closest we could find. And the reason for using that particular code is that it disables the dislike button, cause that really doesn't have a place on Ritan. And the green because it's pretty. We'll keep our eyes out for a better system when it becomes available. There was a slightly better one, but it has become obsolete over the past couple of years of the main software being updated. Perhaps that author will brush it off and make it work again.

Email: TxThom@raptureintheairnow.com

Re: New features on RITAN

Well, I was going to add a "WHATEVER,SHILOH!" button under where I make a new post, so people could just hit that. LOL...
I don't know how to reply on the new site. Can someone help me and tell me where to go.....as far as that's concerned?

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