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Simple Astronomy Formula To Know Where The Constellations Are At When We Look Upwards!

I just got to thinking how can I put it into simple words how to look up to heaven and tell what constellation the Sun is in when it is going down-and to let the members know for themselves and take that simple knowledge and use it to hunt other things and objects in the cosmos!

Here it is people a simple method to know where to look in the sky and tell which constellation is at the Sunset location in our Northern Atmosphere!!

The easy way to do this is just remember that every year on August 21-22 of the calendar the SUN is aligned with the Star regulus in the Leo constellation!!

That means in summer as I look up at the setting Sun on August 21-22nd of any year--I am seeing the Sun shine in the Leo constellation near the main star of Regulus!!

So when the Sun is setting during August it is slowly moving through Leo until it gets to the next constellation on this rwevovling farris wheel on 12 constellations!!

So a month later on September 21 the Sun will be in the Virgo Constellation!!

We know now from this year of 2013 that the Sun wasn't even yet in the Virgo constellation at the time of the feast of trumpets when we were expecting this feast to be fulfilled!!

Now that we are at the end of September 2013 the Sun is definitely in the Virgo Constellation and will fully clothed the Virgin on October 5-7, 2013 or the possible true date of the feast of trumpets!!

Now take this knowledge outside at night and as you see the Sun setting below the trees or horizon---you can just picture behind this Orange Star our Sun the Virgo constellation that it is now in---and above it the next constellation that it already came out of-The Leo Constellation!!!

The next constellation below the horizon where the Sun just set is to be the next sign of the zodiac that our Sun will travel into and that will be in October 2013 ---Which is the Libra constellation!!!

If you know each month which constellation the Sun is in--then you can look up in the sky and see the Sun and then say-o yeah!! There is the Sun--and behind it is the--lets say--the Leo Constellation---because it is August and at this time the Sun is in the Leo constellation!!

Right now Comet Ison is just above the planet Mars--and if you see the Sun set tonight--you are seeing it set in the Vigo constellation and if you go the next constellation up in the sky you are in constellation Leo--and I think Mars is coming close to Leo in October 2013!!

So to find Comet Ison this fall just wait until the Sun sets --and count up in the sky until you get to constellation Leo and look for the Planet Mars and nearby you will see Comet Ison!!

Remember in November 2013 the Sun will be in the next constellation after Virgo---Libra---and by that time I think Comet Ison and the Planet Mars will both be in the Leo Constellation!!

So when you go out in November 2013 and watch the Sun set--as it will do--with the Libra constellation behind her---then just count up two constellations on this conveyor belt and you will find the Leo Constellation with the sickle formation and the star Regulus at the bottom!!

Since this is late September 2013 and if I were to go out tonight and watch the Sun set--I would know exactly what constellation lay directly behind the Sun at this time of the month---Virgo!!!

Then I would automactically know what constellation was directly below the Suns position---Libra---and then what constellation is above Virgo--Leo constellation!!

I should clear up one small detail!! I am mostly referring to watching the Sun set at Sunset to determine what constellation our Sun is in at this month of the year---but no matter where the Sun is in the sky at this late month of September 2013---the Sun is still in the constellation of Virgo--it does not change location---the earth does the revolving around the Sun!!!

It is our earth that makes the Sun move into each different constellation--we are slowly revolving around the Sun --and each month our line of view with the Sun and the constellation behind it changes until we hit every one of the 12 constellations in each given year!

I hope this object lesson helps some of you with determining the signs in the heavens at this time and in the coming months!!

Re: Simple Astronomy Formula To Know Where The Constellations Are At When We Look Upwards!

Thank you Scott for these helps .
My favorite constellation , Orion's Belt .

Re: Simple Astronomy Formula To Know Where The Constellations Are At When We Look Upwards!

Scoot , have you heard from Lisa ? Really missing her here ...bon

Re: Simple Astronomy Formula To Know Where The Constellations Are At When We Look Upwards!

Bonnie thanks!! I haven't heard from Lisa at all! I sent her an email a week ago but still no answer!! I think her computer is down or something-she is not responding at all to the last message someone put up on the website that had her as the topic!!

I wish someone or she herself would give us more information about her situation so we could know how to pray--but until then we must wait!!

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