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Texas making plans

to break away from The United States of America .
Wealthy Conservatives , with Governor Perry, are rallying support for Texas to become an island state . The fear here is world government .
This is a process that takes about three years though , and I don't believe we have that much time .
If there is trouble at the federal level , I can see Governor Perry being made governor for life .
Already all the water rights are being bought up (by a Petroleum Corp.)here.
Anyway , we'll see .....

Re: Texas making plans

Interesting. Thanks for the info., dear sister.

Blessing to you,
Chris N.

Re: Texas making plans

Texas,here I come! ( if I make it out of Louisiana before it sinks!)

From what I understand they bought the water rights to use for fracking. Hope we don't need it some day for drinking or
for the fish that are in it. If it's all used up we are all in trouble.

Email: GodIsLove5bc@gmail.com

Re: Texas making plans

hmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't see that happening

Re: Texas making plans

Could any of you tell me what your feelings are on seceding from the Union just in case this happens . Is there ever a good reason to make that break ? I do not know what I feel about this right now .
~~~~~So far Big Money kept this from happening : The NAFTA HIGHWAY going through I-35 ( Central Texas - Austin area ) from Mexico.
Governor Perry was once close friends with the Bush family . When he found out they supported global government , he parted ways with them .
~~~~~In Texas , it works just like the rest of the world , whoever has the Money is the most influential to make things happen . They get it done whether we think it can be done or not .
~~~~~One of the reasons "they" want to split is a sagging Constitution . We believe in a strong Constitution in Texas. Not wanting to back a weakening Constitution in a federal move for One World Government , which is what Obama represents , the Clintons as well.
~~~~~Then the most obvious : Gun Control
If it ever were sited as unconstitutional at The Supreme Court level , Texas could then site all the unconstitutional actions that have become presidential orders in the last twelve years . As Bush "W" said in an Oval office meeting that made press : "The Constitution is just a piece of paper . I'm the President of the United States . "

Re: Texas making plans

Hi Bonnie! I am not sure if that is a good thing or not but my hubby said if they do we are moving there lol!!

Re: Texas making plans

Could any of you tell me what your feelings are on seceding from the Union just in case this happens .

1. If he is a Christian he will be raptured with us, as I feel we are out of

2. I don't think the NWO will allow it and should it snowball, the
founders and promoters of it should have their personal lives in order.

A sad note as to where we are at now.

Re: Texas making plans

I would love for us to take a stand, but I am not sure those in Austin are strong enough to do it. I would be all for it, but it has to be done right and for the right reasons....Yep, I would stand with it. Someone somewhere has to stand up and say enough is enough.

Re: Texas making plans

Thank you for your comments , blessings Saints .
~~~~Total Federalization of all industries is the one of the first things that will take place , unfortunately , under NWO control . That means loss of billions of dollars in personal fortunes . That is just one of the things Texas/ Texans is thinking about . Texas/Texans does not want to lose money ever .
~~~~~ For example the Mosbacher Firm . These people are Christians . Robert Mosbacher served as Sec. Of Commerce under a Rep. Adm. in the 80's.He is now deceased . I believe his son runs the firm out of Houston now . They were originally from the Eastern seaboard area of the USA. This family has much to lose in the NWO .
The NWO will cause civil war in this country . Many people will fight it's coming in . Will this help anything ? Who knows ? It depends on the strength of the state fighting it. Texas does not want world government .

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