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Joel Rosenberg's Post - Rouhani's UN Speech

This is how the American press reported his speech:

AP: called Rouhani "moderate" and "conciliatory."
CNN: said Rouhani was "conciliatory" and "seeking cooperation" with the West.
Time magazine said: Rouhani "first cautious steps forward toward diplomatic rapprochement" with the U.S.
The Washington Post called Rouhani: a "moderate" who "presented a friendlier face."
The New York Times called Rouhani: a "moderate cleric" who "preached tolerance and understanding."

I had lost respect for the American press long ago but still found it shocking to read the responses in such a list of once great news sources.

Re: Joel Rosenberg's Post - Rouhani's UN Speech

Anything these days from the American press = A pack of lies.

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