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The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Humblehorse and all you other star watchers!! Here it is the big bopper sign of none other then what Jesus Himself gave John in the Revelation book--the key to the whole unlocking of this heavenly mystery is in just these two words alone---Alpha and Omega!!

Where is this mystery figure in the 88 constellations in the sky!! It turns out they are the most closest stars that are nearest to us in the Galaxy- or should I say the Universe!! They even point to the Southern Cross which is a part of the same system!!

Is it possible that Jesus was giving us a sign as to what constellation He was trying to point all our attention to for the end times to take place?

Could all the starting and ending of the tribulation events begin with the heavenly signs taking place in the constellation that has the Alpha and Omega stars within it?

We shall shortly find out!!

Here it is friends as I see it from a heavenly perspective!!

Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri are the main stars in the Centaurius constellation-they are pointer stars and they directly point us to the Southern Cross---Alpha Centauri is the closest star to our solar system then any other star other then Sirius!!

Omega Centauri I happened to find out is the only named Omega star in all the other constellations! It is a globular cluster of stars (full of eyes) and it is the closest cluster of stars near us-second only to NGC 6397 in ARA-by the way both of these are together with Centaurus and ARA!!

The Revelation 8:1-4 Angel Priest at the Golden Altar is symbolized as this Alpha and Omega Centaurus Constellation standing near the Golden Sun drenched Altar of the ARA constellation!!

The ARA constellation name was originally ara centauri- the altar of the centaur Chiron---and this is seen in the alpha and omega angel standing at the altar of ARA and ministering the judgment of God on the earth below with its firey content soon to be poured out from heaven above!!

Now lets have some follow-up to how this event may well play out in the heavens above!

All this talk about a mega-earthquake around October 3, 2013 and right close to the rescheduled and possibly correct feast of trumpets new moon day on October 5-6, 2-13; Is falling closely in line with this prophetic scenario I see developing before my eyes!

Now after this possible Mega-Earthquake we will have the sackcloth Hybrid rare solar eclipse of both a blackened Sun and a reddish disc new moon on November 3, 2013;

And then during November 28, 2013 until January 14, 2014 there will be a pouring out of cometary debris from comet Ison's tail towards the earth --which from heaven's perspective will fall from the ARA altar just below the Scorpio constellation and at the same time as the Golden Sun goes into the Scorpio constellation in November 2013;
The Ara/Golden Altar is lit up and will appear golden in color from having the Sun shining on it as the Sun moves above it in the Scorpio constellation.
From what we can see being played out in the heavenly constellations and how they seem to be real events being acted out in the temple in heaven.

It appears this Centaurus constellation --which is the Alpha and Omega sign (with both main stars having these names); when the ministering angel Centaurus advances towards the Ara(Altar) with the Golden Sun color on it and with those prayers of believers who have been persecuted under the 5th seal judgment and those who are seeking God's vengence from those who have killed all these christians because they will not convert to a false religion; well, it looks like their prayers will be answered soon with the possible mega-earthquake under the sixth seal judgment and as this Comet Ison nears the Scorpio constellation this November 2013; it will turn away from the Sun and head out of our solar system; just as its contents are dumped in the heavens towards the earth!

FRom outer space it will appear as if the Centaurus constellation (or the Alpha and Omega angel sign) is pouring out the Ara Altar of his coals of Ice and fire in a long debris tail towards the earth!

Then in Revelation 8:1-4 after this Alpha and Omega Centaur Angel sign completes his priestly service of atonement judgment by throwing the wrath of God's anger towards the earth --then comes the first trumpet judgment next in line--the hail and fire mixed with a red-colored cometary substance; will then be hitting the earth coming this January 2014---possibly speaking-no prediction!!

All what I described to you is now a very logical scenario as of how the events in Revelation 6:12 to Revelation 8:6 could be executed by the chain of events we see developing now, especially with the next 188 day earthquake cycle due this time on again the day of atonement.

Some actually are prophecying that it may take place on October 3, 2013!

But from past youtube prophecy experience and so-called word of prophecy track records--this bares close crutiny!

Although on several occassions different individuals arrived at the same date independently from each others prophetic words!

The delayed day of atonement is around October 14, 2013-going by the time of the feast of trumpets new moon on October 5th --then 10 days later or on the 10th of this extra 30 day month--around October 14, 2013!!

Even if this whole scenario is wrong and none of it comes to pass--it still gives us a logical and believable and possible series of events --that easily fits the bill of Revelation scriptures as they may very well be fulfilled in this manner of sequence---this last paragraph was very difficult for me to put into words--I hope it makes sense!!!

Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Could one of the mods send this message over to Five Doves and let them read this new sign in the heavens--I would really appriciate it muchly!!

Humblehorse if you think you could make a video of this sign then let me know in the reply box-if not I will attempt to do a crude hand drawn graphic of this sign and its relation to Comet Ison on my own drafting table!!

Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Scott, FiveDoves hardly ever has any updating in recent days. I don't know if they are having problems with their server like RITAN has had????

I would like to see your research posted in some way also with illustrations, AND also from a source other than Youtube which I understand cannot be transferred to a DVD disk.

Would like to see something illustrated that CLEARLY shows that the Feast of Trumpets is a month late.



Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

By the way, keep up the good work!


Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Thanks TerribleSwiftSword Muchly!! I so appreciate others encouragement!! I am getting ready to make another crude drawing or graphic that I will send to the mods via email so they can post it on the new Rita Now websiter!!

I am not sure if the mods will be able to place it on this old Rita webber site if it is ready to be locked up soon! I will try my best to make the Alpha and Omega Sign Near The Golden Altar today while I am here at the Library with my grahs and siccors =that isn't how you spell siccors-is it? Oh Well, and my sharpie marking pens!!
I sure hope I can do it justice without to many stick figures in the artwork--Hee! Hee!

Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Mega-Quake , perhaps , on or near October 3 ...maybe this is what I feel in my spirit that is coming .
The whole Earth is a LOUD siren now .
Yet people sleep on ....
awaken to CHRIST before it is too late !

Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Scott -- are you posting on the new RITAN website? i don't see anything from you ... if now, where are you posting?

Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

I've just seen this Scott, as it was re-posted on five doves today!! I shall have to take another look at it as there's a lot to take in...???

Get over to the new site!! That's where all the cool people are. XXX

Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Hey! Hey!! Humblehorse and 3rd Watch!! Yes I am over at the new website and I did try to post some small talk messages to see if the webber site was working with me and still haven't seen my post yet-I will go over today and check for an update--thanks Humblehorse about the Five Doves posting!!

Hey folks my new charts are finished!! I have just completed my three hand drawned Alpha and Omega signs in the Centaurus constellation with Comet Ison Pouring out it Tail from the Golden Censer from the Altar of the Ara constellation!!

I am waiting till tomorrow so I can go to a UPS store and have them emailed to the mods address!!! They are very simple to follow along with this Alpha and Omega sign I have the nine orb menorah in the sky for November 27, 2013 feast of dedication and the possible effects the Comet Ison tail might pose for earth when our planet passes through its tail come this January 2014!

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