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Welcome To Rapture In The Air
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you may lose all your rights in the secular realm before

we leave in The Rapture , but we are leaving here anyway so , So Be It !
~~~~But do not give up your rights in the Spiritual Realm ever !!! You give those up in part if you do not rebuke satan when he comes to kill , steal and destroy . You give them up if you do not understand that there is only ONE Holy Spirit , the very same Holy Spirit that indwells all Christians . You give them up if you let spiritual elitists tell you your relationship with The Lord is less than theirs . You give them up when you think your salvation is temporary , week to week . You give them up if you lose faith that The Lord is always on your side , even when he chastens you . He loves you at all times . You give them up if you do not understand the FUTURE you are going to at The Rapture , HEAVEN in all it's perfection , as it is the Holy Spirit Himself who takes you there to meet Jesus . Yes , the same Holy Spirit that wooed you to Christ .
You , once saved and IN Christ The Lord , have Eternal Life /. Eternal Life has no "second best" situations . It is Perfection in the Presence of Christ for all time .
~~~In these last hours satan is using every trick in the book to undo your strength , many attacks are taking believers out of the ballgame . Don't let that happen to you !
~~~ Psalm 91 , Psalm 42 , Psalm 103 , ROMANS 8 !

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