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Dr. John Walvoord

considered by all the prophecy teachers of the last fifty years as the all-time best prophecy teacher /writer . He died in the 1990s in his nineties . He was Chancellor Emeritus of The Dallas Theological Seminary .
~~~~Dr. John said in one of his last books : OIL ,The Middle East and Armageddon :
When you see the signs of the tribulation period all around you , how much closer is The Rapture , which must occur firstly ?
If he were alive today , I wonder at what he would say about the goings on now .
He said the world is like a stage set up for The End , the props and sets all in place , the actors waiting in the wings ready to come on stage , the audience waiting in great expectation ...then suddenly ! The PLAY begins !
~~~can't wait to talk with him in Heaven ...bb

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