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Re: AA Allen's visions of

This is why it is so important to trust Christ TODAY !
>>> The United States that we love so much is about to be judged
with fire , calamity , & ruin .
AWAKEN sleeping people !
Today is the Day of Salvation !

Re: AA Allen's visions of

when we hear the news now , we can recognize the The Steps of the Fall of Rome that we ourselves are now in !
A nation becomes enslaved by it's own inner turmoil and carelessness , then it is attacked from without . This nation is apathetic , APATHY being near the end .
One of the sure signs of this is weakness of mind , an almost silly lust for fun , amusement , & pleasure that will dull the pain of NOT LISTENING TO GOD THE FATHER in His Wisdom , HIS WORD !
America is slumping over , dull of hearing , slumbering , reckless , lying in carelessness .
Suddenly without warning !
Tremendous Destruction will HIT !
COME TO CHRIST NOW !!! REPENT ! before you run out of time

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