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Re: The Alpha And Omega Constellation Sign!! Before The Sun Golden Altar In ARA--Big FIND!!

Hey! Hey!! Humblehorse and 3rd Watch!! Yes I am over at the new website and I did try to post some small talk messages to see if the webber site was working with me and still haven't seen my post yet-I will go over today and check for an update--thanks Humblehorse about the Five Doves posting!!

Hey folks my new charts are finished!! I have just completed my three hand drawned Alpha and Omega signs in the Centaurus constellation with Comet Ison Pouring out it Tail from the Golden Censer from the Altar of the Ara constellation!!

I am waiting till tomorrow so I can go to a UPS store and have them emailed to the mods address!!! They are very simple to follow along with this Alpha and Omega sign I have the nine orb menorah in the sky for November 27, 2013 feast of dedication and the possible effects the Comet Ison tail might pose for earth when our planet passes through its tail come this January 2014!

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