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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines - 9/30/2013

Netanyahu to press Obama not to ease sanctions on Iran despite Rouhani's 'sweet talk'

Netanyahu's mission: Setting parameters for Obama's Iran diplomacy

At meeting with Obama, Netanyahu seeking reaffirmation of Israel's right to defend itself

Iran is biggest test for Obama's often rocky ties with Netanyahu

Rice: Sanctions stay until Iran proves it isn't seeking a bomb

Gulf States worried about US-Iran rapprochement

Iran, US Likely to Resume Direct Flights Soon

Iranian FM: Israel can't kill all our scientists

Iranian foreign minister: Israel has an arsenal of 200 nuclear warheads

The PA says it won't allow an intifada against Israel in the West Bank

Assad: Syria will respect UN chemical weapons accords

UN Security Council turns attention to Syria's humanitarian crises

Syrian refugees blame Hezbollah, Syria's main allies for their plight

France was ready for Syria strike when Obama decided to seek Congress's approval

Airstrike on Syrian school kills at least 16

Egyptian students clash at universities as Morsi turmoil continues

Violence Against Egyptian Christians Reaches Level Not Seen for Centuries

Iraq: Rare violence targets Kurdish city of Irbil

At least 27 killed, 129 wounded in Baghdad car bombings

Islamic militants slaughter 50 sleeping college students in Nigeria

U.S. concerned about Turkey's choice of Chinese missile system

Car bomb kills 40 in northwest Pakistan

Drone strike kills three in Pakistan

India and Pakistan 'will work together over Kashmir'

Afghan insurgents kill 2 police, 3 civilians, in attack on checkpoint in west

Fighting resumes between Malian soldiers, separatist rebels in northern town of Kidal

Chuck Hagel in South Korea for military talks

Greenwald, Scahill vow to unmask NSA's 'US assassination program'

Can Software That Predicts Crime Pass Constitutional Muster?

Digital Motion Sickness: The Next Biggest Occupational Disease of the 21st Century

NASA to launch 3D printer into space to help supply astronauts

Wall Street braces for volatility as shutdown seems likely

Magnetic filament erupts on sun hurling a magnificent CME into space

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits near L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Lebu, Chile

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Vostok, Russia

Pakistan quake toll reaches 515, big aftershock jolts region

Typhoon leaves 74 missing in China as Thailand, Vietnam brace for floods

Japans Threat from Tropical Storm Sepat and Tropical Depression Quedan

Swedes develop drug to combat bee deaths

Man dies from seawater bacteria in Volusia Co. in 28 hours

Planned Parenthood sues Texas over abortion restrictions

India seeks to regulate its booming 'rent-a-womb' industry

Study Finds Bias Persists Against Gay and Lesbian Actors

California school district backs off flagpole prayer ban

Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII will be declared saints on 27 April 2014, Pope Francis has announced

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