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Re: Logging in on new site

I am on a public library computer which my be the problem . I can get to the site (the initial page with gorgeous photo ), but then if I click on anything else a sign comes up [ program not responding ] , and I can not navigate the site after that .
bb, blessings today

Re: Logging in on new site

bonnie, I have the same problem at the church I work out at. They are running Vista with Internet explorer 8 or 9. They haven't updated the software in a long time, and they daily wipe the hard drives and rebuild from an old clone drive system so the internet explorer stays obsolete. Next time I am there I am going to try to install chrome and see if that works. Not sure it's enabled. A go around which sometimes works is to copy the link address you want to switch to, then when it locks up go directly to that page instead of through the rest of the system. I never minded IE8 until this nonsense began. As far as I can tell, the only reason they stopped supporting IE upgrades is to force users to upgrade their operating system. And windows xp works quite nicely for me and my office systems. I wouldn't mind upgrade one computer, but four or five at a time is a tad painful.

Look on the computer system at the library to see if they have chrome or firefox enabled. If they are running these, see if they have upgrades available. Explain your problem to the library staff and see if they will upgrade their system to the newer software. Truly, if their software is that out of date, it's time for them to upgrade it anyways. And both chrome and firefox are entirely free, so easy enough to do from their side.

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