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dhan prapti yantra The money receiver is not an ordinary device. Mother Lakshmi is pleased with its establishment. This instrument is an effective means of delighting the mother Lakshmi.This instrument is proved by secret seekers and seekers who perform penance. Only after establishing Shree Lakshmi Yantra, you will begin to get auspicious effect. With the help of this instrument, there will be rain of rain and deteriorating work will also be seen. Some people are like this. Those who never have money They can try anyway, but money goes on coming. Such people do not even have a barkat in their home and they always live in tight money. If you have the same problem with you then it is possible to diagnose it through a remedy to be done through a pearl conch. Mantra Lakshmi is the lord of Siddha Money Acquisition Device. In this instrument, the pearl is conch, which gets money from setting it up in your house or shop, the source of income increases and the stagnant money is also received and it also prevails.