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How to reset Netflix password

Netflix is one of the most significant video streaming applications which are used by people all around the world. Millions of users are using the app, which can be used by the people. There are millions of users, but there are some users who face problem while using Netflix. And most common issues is Netflix password reset. Your Netflix password is an essential tool for protecting your account; it keeps unauthorized people from using your Netflix sign-on, and it helps safeguard your payment information. You can easily change your Netflix account password from a computer or laptop or mobile device.

1. Open a browser and log in your Netflix account.
2. In the upper right corner of the screen, hover over your profile's icon and then, in the drop-down menu, click "Account."
3. In the Membership and Billing section, click "Change password."
4. On the Change Password page, complete the process by entering your existing password and then entering the new one you want to change it to. When you're done, click "Save."